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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 1

To relevant standards IEC, VDE, DIN, ISO, EN Rated frequency 50 or 60 Hz With squirrel-cage or slipring rotor Converter-fed or connected to the system Degrees of protection: IP23, IP24W, IP55 Construction IM B3 and IMV1 (others on request) Types of protection Exe and Exp to EN 60079 Number of poles 2p=2 to 2p=20 (higher number of poles on request) Non sparkingђ to EN 60079-15 Rated voltages from 2 to 15 kV Designs can be modified to meet customers specification Motors can be designed for voltages < 1,000 V or for converter operationThe design is based on a standard frame to which componentscan be added, as required. Thus, machines can be adapted to almost any application requirements. By means of computer- assisted design techniques, the best power-to-weight ratio is determined and components are optimized. > Internally ventilated,with top-mounted air guide cover, IP23, IC01, for outputs up to 7,000 kW Top-mounted air/air tube-type heat exchanger, IP55, IC611, for outputs up to 17,000 kWStandard frame Top-mounted water/air heat exchanger, IP55, IC81W, for outputs up to 25,000 kWInternally ventilated,with top-mounted weather protection hood, IP24W, IC01, for outputs up to 15,000 kW Space-saving motor design, e.g. for encapsulated units > IP23, IC01, for outputs up to 1,500 kW 3 >

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 2

The frame is a compact, torsionally rigid and vibration-resistantfabricated construction. It consists basically of the end plates and several intermediate rings, connected by axial bars and tubes and, with horizontal machines, the motor feet. Forces, acting on the bearings, are transmitted directly into the substructure via the end- shields. The entire construction is enclosed by a smooth sheet steel mantle.Slipring motors have a separate slipring housing. > Sandblasting Schorch paint systems are well tried and tested. They do notcontain any lead, heavy metals or silicone.Where operating...

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 3

The type of bearings to be used is determined by the construction,the speed, the output and any additional loads of the motor. Depen- ding on these parameters or the customers specification, antifriction or sleeve bearings are provided. > Grease slinger V-ringFelt ring For particularly high radial loads, all motors can in addition beprovided with cylindrical roller bearing at the D-end. > As shaft seals, felt rings are provided on the motor side of thebearing and V-rings on the outside. Our motors in basic design are fitted with Series 2 or 3 antifriction bearings. IM B3 motors in basic...

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 4

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 5

Developments in the field of insulation led in the 80Βs to the intro-duction of the V-Celastik > insulating system. This is a system usingthe VPI technique which corresponds to Class F. VPI means that the complete stator (core and windings) isimpregnated with artificial resin in a vacuum/pressure process. The result is a winding with excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.The constantly high quality of the high-voltage insulation is en-sured by the latest in manufacturing equipment. > 7/0267 Wound stator prior to impregnation The impulse withstand level of the windings is...

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 6

In the basic design, the deep-bar squirrel-cage winding consists of copper bars, brazed to short- circuiting rings. Depending on rotor stresses, ei- ther butt or grooved bar-to-ring joints are used. For higher starting torques, or to meet therequirements of particular torque character- istics, special slot designs can be used. The comparatively low resistance of the copperwinding results in low current/heat losses and, consequently, in high efficiencies. The copper bars are driven into the core slotsand peened to ensure absolutely positive seat- ing. This prevents any movement of the cage...

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Modular design up to 25,000 kW - 7

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