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Rib-cooled design : Frame and endshields are made of spheroidal cast iron (EN-GJS-400-15). By means of the segmental arrangement of the cooling ribs and the asymmetrical position of the terminal box the cooling surface of the frame is enlarged as far as this is possible.T ube-cooled design : The frame is a compact and rigid fabricated construction. Itconsists basically of two face plates connected by strong axial bars. These bars are braced against each other and are connected to the frame mantle. With horizontal machines, further rigidity is provided by the motor feet. The stainless-steel...

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The type of bearings to be used is determined by the explosion group, the construction, the speed, the output and any additional loadsof the motor. Depending on these parameters or the customers specification, anti-friction or sleeve bearings are provided. For particularly high radial loads, motors can be provided with an additional cylindrical roller bearing at the D-end. Shaft seals aremaintenance-free and provide protection against the ingress of dirt and spray water in accordance with degree of protection IP55. Lubricators and grease slingers ensure constant proper lubrication of the...

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tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:4.20pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:6.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:7.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:9.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font4 { font:14.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font5 { font:18.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } Noise and ventilation Ventilation system Rib-cooled design: The ventilation system is characterized by the shape of the fan, the fan cowl and the arrangement of the cooling ribs. The uni-directional external fan is arranged at the N-end. To ensure a forced internal air...

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Developments in the field of insulation led in the 80Βs to the intro-duction of the V-Celastik > insulating system. This is a system usingthe VPI technique which corresponds to Class F. VPI means that the complete stator (core and windings) isimpregnated with artificial resin in a vacuum/pressure process. The result is a winding with excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.The constantly high quality of the high-voltage insulation isensured by the latest in manufacturing equipment. > 7/0267 Wound stator prior to impregnation The impulse withstand level of the windings is...

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In the basic design, the deep-bar squirrel-cage windingconsists of copper bars brazed to the short-circuiting rings. Depending on expected rotor stresses, either butt or grooved bar-to-ring joints are used. The comparatively low resistance of the copper wind-ing leads to low current/heat losses and, consequent- ly, to high efficiencies. For higher starting torques, or to meet the require-ments of particular torque characteristics, special slot designs are used. The copper bars are driven into the rotor slots and pee-ned to ensure absolutely positive seating. This prevents any movement of...

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Tests are witnessed by a representative of an official testing body. Test procedure and test results are recorded in a Test Report. We are the only European motor manufacturer with such modern testing equip- ment. > European standards contain detailed test procedures for the verification of type ofprotection Flameproof Enclosureђ. These tests serve to prove that the motor can withstand an internal explosion and that the transmission of an explosion to the surrounding atmosphere is prevented by means of adequate gaps at the shaft and the centring spigots of the motor endshields.For these...

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