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LINE HOLE TOOLS WITH SECURITY NOTCH DBP 50 million revolutions with one set of punches and dies is the achievement of our proven "New Generation" tool known for precision and performance and virtually dust free operation. made of hard metal tools are in use worldwide by satisfied customers. Take your fastest running machine and make a test. Our service team will assist you without any 120 million revolutions over a 20- month period with the initial supply of punches and dies (punches turned once) and the punching quality is still satisfactory. The calculation shows that over a 7-month...

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Punch setting gauge for Custom sizes upon request. Hole drilling device Torque wrench Web length gauge to check line hole Maximum length 30", temperature resistant, gauge increments 0.1 mm

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BUILT-IN AND DROP-IN MODULES WITH LINE HOLE TOOLS Built-in module with side adjustment for transport holes with exchangeable 12" Line hole drop-in module for narrow web label printing machine. Modules available for working width printing machines: Applied Gear Mark Andy Waste removal through Die holder in disk design. Drop-in module

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SPECIAL TOOLS Due to the enormous know-how gained over several decades, Schober is in a unique position to offer individual components, i.e. special rotary punching tools for the installation in existing web printing and processing systems to make templates, diagrams, credit card carrier forms as well as a variety of mailing forms. Special tools pharmaceutical industry. Special punching tools for unique transport hole punching of pressure sensitive film/foil plastic material for precision processing in high performance computer controlled cutting systems. Rotary punching tools with oval...

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PUNCHING TECHNOLOGY New developments in the punching technology make it possible to punch self-adhesive materials clean and free of burrs. Cutting cylinders for metro tickets Cylinder with moveable needle rings for hot and cold anvil can be made of rubber dense pattern with exchangeable Punching module for band-aid material with hollow die cylinder Even in a dense punching pattern with a whole diameter of 0.9 mm the waste is effectively removed.

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Punching cylinder with Punching module with food labels made of plastics. Exchangeable punch and die bars. Made of high quality tool steel, Long life material also available. Special coatings upon request. carrier shafts. Punching module for parking tickets with exchangeable punch

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ROTARY CUTTING AND PUNCHING Schober cutting cylinders

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Schober's developments and enhance- hygiene and medical markets. Each singly more important with higher ments in the cutting and punching new requirement in the rotary process machine speeds. technology are based on the extensive is based on different needs and experience in the print, packaging, approaches, which become increa- Price tags High performance punching module Drive connection can be supplied upon customer request Waste removal through hollow die existing printing machines foil, specialty paper, Tyvec

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PERFORATING TOOLS Off-set longitudinal perforation tool Special perforation for opening feature in food packaging ^"tlo^ experience'- Rotary cutting tool with exchangeable window perforating used very economically for partial length perforation in paper webs. against the hardened anvil but with minimum wear in a scissor cut. The lower tool consists of two steel rings flanged together. The perforating segments can be individually adjusted Rotary perforating • cotton products priced standard segments are available for immediate shipment. Perforation is made at maximum machine speed. RS 2000...

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CROSS PERFORATING BLADES Perforating blades are available in proven steel qualities and hardness grades (Schober "gold-or" and available in rings or by the meter, single and double sided facets, cut Micro perforating blades. Standard 72 teeth/inch. Custom pitch upon Adjustment gauge alignment of perforating blades RPN - Sisprint pneumatic quick action locking bar. Significant timesavings when changing blades, duces the cutting noise. Reduces machine down time, less waste during alignment. The trouble free installation eliminates possible mistakes when changing cutting/ quick action-locking...

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CUTTING AND PUNCHING TOOLS Schober supplies quality products consult and expertly advise you consistently. This ensures a high level concerning the integration of tools of product reliability. Schober will also and parts into existing equipment. Punches and dies for business forms and data carriers. Die bands, dies and punches made of high-alloyed steel. "New Generation" tools made of hard metal for all types of business forms machines.

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Precision ground knives made of specialty steel are not only world renowned for their excellent cutting quality but also for their outstanding Schober is ISO 9001 certified since 1995. Our customers benefit from are always presented with innovative solutions. The available technical support and after sales service worldwide is also an invaluable benefit. Circular knife holder KMH 2000 with quick clamping device. Quick installation and removal of circular knives without tools (also possible in the machine). Engage and disengage without releasing the knife holder adjustable cutting pressure....

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ROTARY CRIMPING TOOLS Crimp lock tools with die und punch segments for all machine types. Schober supplies spares and and collators used worldwide. An extensive inventory of punches, dies, crimping segments, perforating and cutting knives consisting of more than 1000 standard products ensures quick supply to the customer.

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REGRINDING MACHINES Precision testing module for cutting cylinders with various cutting patterns with two hardened and precision ground anvil cylinders (0 190 x 700 mm, Regrind station to regrind and sharpen the knives. Precision-stereo- microscope with wide angle eye pieces, installed in a swivel mount camera system with monitor available Wide area magnifier: 8 x zoom Circular knife grinder S5 to regrind your circular knives - on site. dished slitter knife 0 40-120 mm

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