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Schober Dragon The Rotary Converting Solution for Multi-Layer Products – the Right Decision ! Multi Layer Product Processor (MLPP) The high-tech solution for the cost-effective manufacture of highprecision components.

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Multi Layer Product Processor (MLPP) The ideal machine to manufacture high-precision, self-adhesive assembly parts and components for the automobile, telecommunication and electronic industry. User Friendly PLC controlled. Swivel mounted TFT control panel with a 10.4“ touchscreen for data input and display. Numerous product protocols can be stored and easily recalled, reducing downtime for changeover and adjustments to a minimum. The intelligent single drive technology provides extremely close registration and low web tension, which makes this machine ideally suited for difficult to process...

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Multi-layer self-adhesive products are converted in a single pass. Typical converting process depicting the following production steps: n Profile Punching n Laminating/De-laminating n Die cutting n Length- and Cross-Cutting n Waste Removal MLPP 5 – R High-Performance Rotary Processing Machine - standard version with 5 cutting/laminating stations and 3 each unwind/rewind stations positioned in the periphery. MLPP 5 – R/S High-Performance Rotary Processing Machine with 7 processing/laminating stations. The finished product can either be rolled up or delivered as single product. MLPP 5 –...

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Schober Process Development The cut parts are consistently pulled-off and removed even at top machine speeds. Rotary Punching Technology The design concept of this machine allows for the integration of punching modules at different positions in the machine. The reliable Schober Technology ensures precisely punched products in perfect registration and thanks to this sophisticated punching technology it is possible to process multi-layer self-adhesive materials, even for product patterns with hole sizes as small as 0.5 mm, precise, clean and burr-free. Matrix Rewind Each rotary cutting...

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Cut & Place Technology The parts or products are transferred and placed onto a constantly moving web in registration at fixed or variable spacing. Product Delivery The delivery design is product specific and depends on the downstream process. The products can be rewound onto rolls, with or without splicing or be delivered at the shingle delivery. Rotary Cutting Stations Arranged around a Central Converting Drum, the individual stations can be equipped with either die cutting cylinders, die plates or rotary punching tools. The pressure adjustment is remote controlled and each station is...

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Schober worldwide. Presence that guarantees service! Whether your application calls for rotary tooling or a module for in-line process solutions or your focus is more directed to production results than unusual material combinations – Contact Us! because we offer our complete service to you. Profit from our competent consultation service available worldwide! Take advantage of our engineering with its wealth of experience in a wide array of applications. Count on quality and reliability because Schober employs a DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified quality-management system. Put your trust in our...

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