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Safety light curtains type 4 and type 2 Preventa XU Stop Danger - 6 Pages

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Safety light curtains type 4 and type 2 Preventa XU Stop Danger

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Safety light curtains type 4 and type 2 Preventa XU Stop Danger!

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Safety light curtains XUS L A comprehensive range offering maximum flexibility The light curtains enable, whilst still protecting machine operators, full or partial access into the hazardous zone during machine loading/unloading phases and likewise, for adjustment and maintenance operations. These light curtains advantageously eliminate the closure of mechanical devices anywhere where the risk of projections, objects shattering or other hazards do not endanger the operators. The light curtains meet the requirements of the applicable standards: type 4 and type 2 ESPE conforming to IEC...

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Accessoires for light curtains ¡ 90° mirror adaptors, glass or stainless steel, ¡ Lexan protective cover (except XUS LN), ¡ IP67 protection tube (XUS LT), ¡ Anti-vibration kit, ¡ Pre-wired connectors and jumper cables, ¡ Muting and monitoring modules for 1 or 2 light curtains, ¡ Monitoring module for 2 to 4 light curtains. ¡ Fixing bases for light curtains XUS L• and mirrors. XUS LN Type 2 multi-beam, Compact range for hand protection ¡ Dimensions: 31 x 32 mm ¡ Detection: hands (30 mm) ¡ Detection distance: 0.3 to 15 m ¡ Heights protected: 150 to 1500 mm ¡ 2 alignment assistance LEDs ¡ 2...

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Simple to install Transmitter-receiver alignment simplified using red LED indicators for each light beam (an LED indicator on the receiver indicates whether its respective light beam is misaligned and the light curtain is adjusted until all the LEDs are off). Complete Integration of fixed blanking, floating blanking, external device monitoring (EDM), test input (MTS) and light beam coding functions (depending on model). Compact Compact design light curtains, especially for the Slim range (28 x 30 mm). Quick to connect Safety and simplicity of connection using M12 connectors and M12...

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Protect Area Design Software to assist selection that also includes safety mats XY2 TP Protect Area Design software is a configurator that enables selection of the type of safety detection system (light curtains, sensing mats), depending on the application. This software enables the user, via a graphic interface, to create or modify a safe working environment within the vicinity of a potentially dangerous machine. Protect Area Design software is user-friendly and compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP. It is available using product reference SISCD104200, downloadable from our Internet...

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The efficiency of Telemecanique branded solutions Used in combination, Telemecanique products provide quality solutions, meeting all your Automation & Control applications requirements. ART.816484 Schneider Electric Industries S.A.S. Simply Smart! 04 / 2006 Head Office 89, bd Franklin Roosevelt 92506 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex FRANCE Owing to changes in standards and equipment, the characteristics given in the text and images in this document are not binding until they have been confirmed with us. Design: Photos: Schneider Electric Print:...

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