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100% simplicity VARPLUS2, VARPACT, VARSET Power factor correction Give oxygen to your electrical network Schneider Electric France Direction des Opérations Industrielles France 38LL - Le Fontanil 38050 Grenoble cedex 9 Tél : 33 (0)4 76 57 60 60 RCS Nanterre B 954 503 439 As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please ask for confirmation of the information given in this publication. This document has been printed on ecological paper. Created by: SYNTHESE ECA, Rectiphase. Printed by: Imprimerie du Pont de Claix. Schneider Electric power factor correction and filtering An industrial unit at the cutting edge of technology. The Total Quality approach, which has been fully adopted by Merlin Gerin for many years, has enabled us to make use of the launch of this new offer to completely re-think the company's industrial organisation. The 2 production sites (RECTIPHASE in PRINGYFrance and SSAM in SHANGAI - China) have been completely re-organised to provide the highest possible levels of ¡ quality, ¡ safety, ¡ réactivity by combining the advantages of automation for repetitive and tiresome tasks with the human touch and perspicacity for the supervision, control and organisation. The power of the Schneider Electric Group Being part of an international group, the flexibility of a small team and the experience of tens of MVAR installed in all possible environments over the last 40 years, are assurance that each installation is fitted with the best possible equipment. CFIED006100EN ART. 601214 08/2006 100% reliability ¡ 15 year (130,000 hour) service life ¡ maintenance free static capacitors 100% performance ¡ 10% lower power consumption than the VARPLUS M offer ¡ controlled thermal withstand ¡ simulation on each panel at maximum power thermal cooling optimisation above standards requirements taken into account (continuous 35°C ambient temperature + maximum in-service power) thermal testing in the most severe conditions 100% safety ¡ a patented design, the only one of its kind in the world; 100% warning of possible internal or external faults: VARPLUS2 VARPACT VARSET VARPLUS2 VARSET with the ultimate capacitor the United Arab Emirates: ADWEA Argentina: EDENO France: SNCF/ EADS Aeronautics Norway: AKER Oil Luxembourg: CFL Railways Germany : AMD Electronics Australia: COMALCO China: DISNEY Hong Kong/ GISCO ¡ specific support design lowering of centre of gravity top and bottom entry cables against internal faults (low current) by the use of an overpressure system - the dielectric loses its properties - the internal pressure slowly increases and raises a metal disc - above a preset factory threshold, this shortcircuits the internal fuse thus taking the capacitor out of operation against external faults (high current) by the use of an integrated HRC fuse ¡ risk of explosion reduced to zero, an Aluminium case is not needed ¡ integrated discharge resistor ¡ maximum fire resistance (self-extinguishing); UL certification… V0 ¡ automated production line to reduce the possibility of human error to a minimum ¡ at the time of installation, all positions are allowed ¡ no earth link required (plastic case) ¡ top connection ¡ fixing by 2 M6 bolts ¡ kit for substituting Varplus by Varplus2 ¡ ready-to-use installation kits for Prisma Plus, Blokset and Okken panels and for SAREL universal panels ¡ simplified handling and connection ¡ completely modular - combine together at the top and bottom by fitting one into the other 1 then 2 USA: MICHELIN Russia: SIBLINE Egypt: DSD Metallurgy 100% green ¡ Varplus2 complies with the ROHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) circular ¡ Varplus2 contains no liquid substance ¡ RECTIPHASE is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Spain: REPSOL

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VARPLUS2, the best of Varplus… New generation capacitors – The ultimate capacitor Improving electrical power quality and availability, and reducing its cost are foremost in the minds of everyone: producers, consultant engineers, contractors and the maintenance teams of large industrial and tertiary sites. + Quality + Availability - Cost LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, ACT There comes a day when all electrical installations are confronted with power factor correction, power quality or reliability problems. The economic impacts of these types of malfunctioning are immediate and unacceptable. The...

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