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NEX 24 catalogue 2010


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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 1

Medium Voltage Distribution Withdrawable vacuum circuit-breaker

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 3

General contents Note: this catalogue replaces the previous version AMTED306006EN - 07-2008

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 5

Continuity of service and complete safety 7 Quality assurance - environment 10

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 6

For over 45 years, Schneider Electric has provided medium voltage electrical network protection, monitoring and control solutions in the public distribution, industry and building sectors. NEX24 is indoor, metal-enclosed switchgear designed for the MV section of HV/MV and MV/MV substations. NEX 24 is a medium voltage equipment comprising cubicles with breaking devices, sensors, medium voltage connections and auxiliaries. Forali your applications: ■ infrastructure supply substations. ■ flexible and adapted solutions An enhanced offer with vacuum type switchgear The NEX 24 offer is further...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 7

NEX 24 is solidly based on extensive experience acquired throughout the world and provides your networks with a high level of dependability NEX 24 integrates a host of innovative solutions designed around proven techniques: high performance switchgear, digital protection, monitoring and control systems, enclosures capable of withstanding internal arcing. From its very conception, NEX 24 has taken account of three key user ■ type testing was carried out for each performance level in the NEX 24 ■ the design, manufacturing and testing of NEX 24 was carried out according to ISO 9001: 2000...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 8

NEX 24 provides the most efficient means to control and protect a wide Due to the devices it comprises, NEX 24 can be easily integrated into a monitoring and control system. Sepam protection and control units Sepam series 20, series 40 and series 80 digital protection relays take full advantage of Schneider Electric experience in electrical network Sepam series 20, series 40 and series 80 provides all the necessary ■ effective protection of people and property ■ accurate measurements and detailed diagnosis ■ integral equipment control ■ local or remote indication and operation. Easy...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 9

Schneider Electric Services, by your side throughout the life of your installation We help you to define your solutions: selection guide, technical assistance, advice... We oversee the completion and commissioning of your installation: design, cost optimization, guaranteed performances and dependability We help run your daily operations in real time: maintenance contract, technical assistance, supply of replacement parts, corrective and preventive maintenance, operation and maintenance training, etc. We can bring the performance of your installation up to date: installation audit,...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 10

Quality assurance - Environment In each of its units, Schneider Electric integrates a functional organization whose main role is to check quality and monitor compliance with standards. ■ uniform throughout all departments ■ recognized by many customers and approved organizations. But above all, it is its strict application that has allowed us to obtain the recognition of an independent organization: The French Quality Assurance Association (AFAQ). The quality system for the design and manufacture of NEX 24 is certified to be in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000 quality...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 11

TCP/IP over Ethernet NEX 24 switchboards integrate Web technologies so that you can find out information about your electrical installation as easy as opening All you need is a standard Web browser and a PC connected to your local area network. Simple choice A simple choice between WRM-1 and WRM-2 service levels allows you to easily order your Web Remote Monitoring NEX 24 switchboard. A customized level is also available. Your Web Remote Monitoring NEX 24 switchboard comes equipped with a Web server including Web pages dedicated to power equipment data. Easy commissioning Web Remote...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 12

Torminae power distribution centre Rotermann power distribution Northern Area Rural Power Distribution Lattakia Port Substation Tartu Airport New Sir Sereste Khama Airport Delhi International Airport New Bangkok International Airport Oil Distribution Pump Vietnam VKG Ojamaa oil processing facilities Estonia AUDEXPteLtd Indonesia Otway, Port Campbell offshore gas extraction Australia Oil refinery Empresa Colombia Technip Qatargas Qatar Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery_Iran_ St Helens Rock pumping station for KZN Umgeni Water Bendigo Water Pumping Station Hyflux Water Desalination Plant...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 14

Description PE57996 General Busbars LV control cabinet Sepam LPCT Circuit-breaker Current transformers Earthing switch Cables connection Voltage transformers area (option) 14 AMTED306006EN.indd

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 15

NEX 24 switchboards are made up of several interconnected functional units. Power connections are made between functional units within a switchboard via The electrical continuity of all metal frames is provided by the connection of each functional unit's earthing busbar to the switchboard's main earthing circuit. Low voltage wiring trays are provided in the switchboard above the LV control LV cables can enter the switchboard through the top or bottom of each functional unit. Description of afunctional unit A functional unit comprises all equipment in the main and auxiliary circuits which...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 16

Technical characteristics The metal enclosed switchgear may have different types of accessibility on the various sides of its enclosure. For identify purpose of different sides of the enclosure, the following code shall be A: restricted access to authorized personnel F: access to the front side L: access to the lateral side R: access to the rear side. Technical data Rated voltage Rated insulation leve Power frequency withstand voltage Lightning impulse withstand voltage Nominal current and maximum short time withstand current 0) Functional unit with circuit-breaker Short time withstand...

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NEX 24 catalogue 2010 - 17

Operating conditions Operating conditions Normal operating conditions, according to I EC 62271-1 for indoor switchgear □ less than or equal to 40°C □ less than or equal to 35°C on average over 24 hours □ greater than or equal to-5°C. □ less than or equal to 1000 m □ above 1000 m, a derating coefficient is applied (please consult us). □ no dust, smoke or corrosive or inflammable gas and vapor, or salt □ average relative humidity over a 24 hour period 95% □ average relative humidity overa 1 month period 90% □ average vapor pressure over a 24 hour period 2.2 kPa □ average vapor pressure over a...

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