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Models CFS10 and CFS20 Mass Flowtubes for Standard and 3-A Sanitary Applications - 28 Pages

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Models CFS10 and CFS20 Mass Flowtubes for Standard and 3-A Sanitary Applications

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Product Specifications Models CFS10 and CFS20 Mass Flowtubes for Standard and 3-A Sanitary Applications j| The Foxboro® CFS10 and CFS20 Mass Flowtubes combine with a Model CFT50 or CFT51 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter to form a Foxboro Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter. The principle of Coriolis acceleration is used which allows true mass flow rate measurements of fluids to be made directly, without the need for external temperature, pressure, or specific gravity measurements. FEATURES ► Precision system achieved using digital signal processing (DSP) transmitter. ► High system accuracy of ±0.10% of flow rate plus flowtube zero instability (liquids); ±0.50% of flowrate plus flowtube zero instability (gases). ► Density accuracy of ±0.0005 g/cc or better. ► Wide rangeability in excess of 100:1 without sacrificing performance. ► Complies with 3-A sanitary standards. ► The CFS10 single path design ideal for shear sensitive fluids, and in applications requiring positive cleaning; available in 3 to 50 mm (1/8 to 2 in) sizes. The CFS20 is a dual path design and is available in 40 and 80 mm (1 1/2 and 3 in) sizes. ► Welded 304 ss stainless steel enclosure. Hermetically sealed with 70 kPa (10.15 psia) internal pressure. ► Thick-wall nickel alloy (equivalent to Hastelloy® C-22(1)) construction available. ► Weights and Measures Custody Transfer option, per NIST Handbook 44. ► Weights and Measures Industry Canada Approval option. ► Tamperproof Sealing option of terminal block cover provided with Options -T, -D, and -S. ► Patented anti-phase double driver system allows close sensor proximity to inhibit signal distortion, and provides low power consumption per driver. ► Low stress levels maximize mechanical reliability. ► Easy installation with short end-to-end distance. ► Will drain when mounted in vertical orientation with an upward flow. ► Uses tubes essentially of same nominal I.D. as connecting pipe, and with increased wall thickness. ► Designed for FM, CSA, and ATEX hazardous area locations. Applicable agency plate also includes the CE mark. 1. Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International Inc.

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INTRODUCTION This Mass Flow and Density Meter, comprising a CFT51 Mass Flow and Density Transmitter and a CFS10 or CFS20 Mass Flowtube, measures fluid mass flow rate directly, not inferentially. The direct measurement of mass eliminates the inaccuracies of multiple process measurements associated with volumetric flow devices are eliminated. This flowmeter is an advanced generation of mass flow devices using Coriolis principles. It incorporates significant improvements in transmitter and flowtube design, including digital signal processing (DSP), computer modeling, remote...

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HIGH FLOWTUBE RELIABILITY Assured because of: ► Advanced CAE technology with computer modeling ► Rigid center flowtube body ► Automated orbital welding and brazing ► Low stressed welds and brazed joints ► All welds performed by qualified welders ► Annealed process-wetted welds ► Thick walled tubes ► Tubes in torsion (not bending) with low stress throughout, particularly at welds and brazed joints ► Realistic velocities ► Hydrostatically tested at 1.5 times the rated maximum pressure ► Meets NACE requirements MANY FLOWTUBE CONFIGURATIONS a. T = Threaded F = Flanged (ANSI or EN 1092) S =...

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PSS 1-2B1 A Page 4 OPERATING CONDITIONS (FLOWTUBE ONLY) a. The -200°C (-328°F) operating limit temperature is achievable when the Cryogenic Service option is selected. See Model Code and Optional Selections section. b. Refer to the Electrical Safety Specifications section for a restriction in ambient temperature with certain electrical certifications. c. Where lagging or heat tracing of flowtube is involved, the case temperature may exceed these limits. d. PVC insulated cable is suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F). FEP insulated cable is suitable for ambient...

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The following system performance specifications are for Reference Operating Conditions unless otherwise specified. Refer to PSS 1-2B7 A or PSS 1-2B7 C for Model CFT50 or CFT51 Digital Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter specifications, respectively. Table 1. Zero Instability a. Density Accuracy is at Reference Operating Conditions. b. May require in situ calibration for maximum accuracy

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FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Table 2. Mass Flow Rate Ranges Process Temperature/Pressure Limits Process temperature/pressure limits are limited by either the maximum flowtube values or the maximum end connection values, whichever are less. Refer to Table 3 and Table 4. Pressure Loss - To determine pressure loss or sizing for your application, merely have your process information available and visit the web site. Process Density Process fluid density ranges from 200 to 3000 kg/m3 (12.5 to 187 lb/ft3); or a specific gravity range of 0.2 to 3. Note that a...

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PSS 1-2B1 A Page 7 Table 4. Flowtube Process Temperature and Pressure Limits with Flanged End Connections (a) a. Linear interpolation is acceptable. b. See Model Codes for flowtube configurations available with 316 ss, 316L ss, and nickel alloy (equivalent to Hastelloy® C-22) end connections. e. If higher MWPs are required, contact Global Customer Support.

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PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Flowtube to Transmitter Interface The flowtube has a terminal for the local earth (ground) connection. For signal connections, the flowtube is provided with an integrally mounted electrical junction box that meets the weatherproof rating of IP66/67 as defined by IEC 60529, and provides the environmental and corrosion resistant rating of NEMA Type 4X. The junction box contains a pair of 6-position feedthrough type terminal blocks. The terminal blocks are connected to the flowtube through a hermetic seal with properly spaced intrinsically safe wiring. An internally...

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