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Foxboro® Model 9500A Magnetic Flow Sensor - 40 Pages

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Foxboro® Model 9500A Magnetic Flow Sensor

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FIELD DEVICES - FLOW Product Specifications Foxboro® Model 9500A Magnetic Flow Sensor The 9500A magnetic flow sensor can be used with IMT30A, IMT31A and IMT33A magnetic flow converters. ► For all water and wastewater applications ► Wide range of approvals for potable water ► Robust, fully welded construction Foxboro by Schneider Electric

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5 Model code 6 Notes

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1.1 Reliable solution for the water and wastewater industry The 9500A is designed to meet the demands for all water and waste water applications including groundwater, potable water, waste water, sludge and sewage, industry water and salt water. The 9500A has a field proven and unsurpassed lifetime. This is assured by the fully welded construction, full bore pipe, absence of moving parts and wear resistant liner materials. The sensor has the widest diameter range available in the market: from DN25 up to DN2000 (DN3000 available on request). 1 Robust fully welded construction 2 Diameter...

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nPRODUCT FEATURES Highlights • Rugged liners suitable for any water and wastewater application • Proven and unsurpassed lifetime, huge installed base • Tamper proof, fully welded construction, also available in customer specific constructions • Drinking water approvals including KTW, KIWA, ACS, DVGW, NSF, WRAS • Suitable for subsoil installation and constant flooding (IP68) • Bi-directional flow metering • Standard in house wet calibration of sensors up to diameter DN2000 • Easy installation and commissioning • No grounding rings with virtual reference option on IMT33A • Extensive...

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PRODUCT FEATURESD1.2 Options The reliable solution for the water and wastewater industry From standard to customized For easy ordering the standard range of the 9500A covers all popular sizes, flange materials and connections (ASME, EN, JIS, AWWA). The 9500A is designed to meet the demands for all water and waste water applications including groundwater, potable water, waste water, sludge and sewage, industry water and salt water. The 9500A has a field proven and unsurpassed lifetime assured by the fully welded housing, full bore pipe construction, absence of moving parts and wear resistant...

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Easy installation Fitting the 9500A is easy with the flanged design and standard ISO insertion lengths. To further ease the operation, the 9500A can be installed without filters and straighteners. Even grounding rings are not required with the patented "Virtual Reference" option on the IMT33A converter. IP68 Installation in measurement chambers subject to (constant) flooding is possible with the IP68 rated version. The chambers can even be completely surpassed if the IP68 version is combined with our special subsoil coating, allowing the 9500A to be installed directly in the ground.

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1.3 Measuring principle An electrically conductive fluid flows inside an electrically insulated pipe through a magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils. Inside of the fluid, a voltage U is generated: U=v*k*B*D in which: v = mean flow velocity k = factor correcting for geometry B = magnetic field strength D = inner diameter of flowmeter The signal voltage U is picked off by electrodes and is proportional to the mean flow velocity v and thus the flow rate Q. A signal converter is used to amplify the signal voltage, filter it and...

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2 TECHNICAL DATA 2.1 Technical data • The following data is provided for general applications. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sates office. • Additional information [certificates, special tools, software,...) and complete product documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the website.

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TECHNICAL DATA 2Measuring accuracy Reference conditions

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TECHNICAL DATA 2Installation conditions Installation

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2 TECHNICAL DATAProcess connections Flange

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TECHNICAL DATA 2Approvals and certificates CE This device fulfils the statutory requirements of the EU directives. The manufacturer certifies successful testing of the product by applying the CE mark.

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2 TECHNICAL DATA 2.2 Measuring accuracy Every electromagnetic flowmeter is calibrated by direct volume comparison. The wet calibration validates the performance of the flowmeter under reference conditions against accuracy limits. The accuracy limits of electromagnetic flowmeters are typically the result of the combined effect of linearity, zero point stability and calibration uncertainty. Reference conditions • Medium: water • Temperature: +5...35°C / +41...95°F • °perating pressure: M...5 barg / 'I.5...72.5 psig • Inlet section: > 5 DN • Outlet section: > 2 DN Optionatty for IMT30A and...

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2.3 Pressure derating The graphs below refer to the maximum pressure as a function of the temperature for the flanges of the flowmeter (per specified flange material). Please note that the specified values only refer to the flanges. The maximum value for the flowmeter can further be limited by the maximum value for other materials (i.e. the liner) For A = Carbon steel A 105 & B = Stainless steel 316L X/Y axes in all graphs; X = Temperature in [°C] / Y = Pressure in [bar] x/y axes in all graphs; x = Temperature in [°F] / y = Pressure in [psi]

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Figure 2-3: Pressure derating; ANSI B16.5 1 300 lbs 2 150 lbs

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TECHNICAL DATA 22.4 Vacuum load Diameter

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2 TECHNICAL DATA2.5 Dimensions and weights Remote version Compact version with IMT33A Compact version with: IMT31A (0°) Compact version with: IMT31A (45°)

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Compact stainless steel (10°) version with: IMT31A (10 ) Compact version with: (10°) IMT30A (10 ) 1 The value may vary depending on the used cable glands.

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2 TECHNICAL DATA • All data given in the following tables ane based on standand vensions of the flow sensor only. • Especially for smaller nominal sizes of the flow sensor, the signal converter can be bigger than the flow senson. • Note that for other pressure ratings than mentioned, the dimensions may be different. • For full information on signal converter dimensions see retevant documentation.

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