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F400 Air insulated switchboard (1 to 40.5 kV) - 68 Pages

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F400 Air insulated switchboard (1 to 40.5 kV)

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Medium Voltage Distribution Air-insulated switchboard Make the most of your energy

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• Operating safety through protection against electrical, mechanical and thermal effects of a fault (insulation of each • All operations carried out from the front, door closed • Voltage Presence Indicator System located on the front panel • Position indicator linked to the device's physical position • Protection in the event of internal arcing • Interlocking devices • "Anti-reflex" handles • Type-tested solution which complies with the IEC62271-200 • Design by the most accurate three-dimensional computer • Manufacturing & Testing according to ISO 9001:2008 quality standard • Easy...

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Schneider Electric has developed protection, monitoring and control solutions specifically dedicated to Medium Voltage networks for over 40 years. F400 switchgear has been specifically designed on the basis of that extensive experience. It also incorporates some very new solutions, giving the best in terms of continuity of service High-performance breaking devices F400 switchgear is fully compatible with • PowerMeter and Circuit Monitor metering units. • GemControl management system specifically dedicated to control & monitoring functions. • Sepam multi-function protection relays F400...

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General contents Protection, monitoring Note: This catalogue replaces the previous version AMTED399053EN and

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Continuity of service and complete safety 5 Quality assurance - environment 9

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F400 is suitable for all electrical power distribution requirements from 1 to 40.5 kV F400 metal-enclosed switchgear consists of withdrawable units designed for indoor F400 is designed for the MV section of HV/MV substations and high-power MV/MV ■ Pre-engineered solutions that can be adapted to your specific ■ Significantly reduced maintenance ■ Local support centres throughout the world. ■ Continuity of service for your networks ■ Enhanced safety for your staff and operations ■ Optimized investment throughout the life of your installation ■ The possibility of incorporating your medium...

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SCHNEIDER CLElfTfliK SANAVI VE TlCARET a 9 Certificat Msssss F400 is solidly based on extensive experience acquired throughout the world and provides your networks with a high level of dependability and safety. F400 incorporates a host of innovative solutions designed around proven techniques: high-performance switchgear, digital protection, monitoring and control systems, enclosures capable of withstanding internal arcing. From the design stage, F400 allows for three key user requirements: ■ Type testing was carried out for each performance level in the F400 range. ■ The design,...

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F400 provides the most efficient means to control and protect a wide range of applications. Due to the devices it comprises, F400 can be easily integrated into a monitoring and control system. Sepam protection relays Sepam series 20, series 40, series 60 and series 80 digital protection relays take full advantage of Schneider Electric's experience in electrical network protection. Sepam series 20, series 40, series 60 and series 80 provide all the necessary ■ Effective protection of people and property ■ Accurate measurements and detailed diagnosis ■ Integrated equipment control ■ Local or...

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F400 switchboards incorporate Web technologies so that you can find out information about your electrical installation as easily as opening All you need is a standard Web browser and a PC connected to your local area network. Simple choice Asimple choice between WRM-1 and WRM-2 service levels allows you to easily order your Web Remote Monitoring F400 switchboard. A customized level is also available. Your Web Remote Monitoring F400 switchboard comes equipped with a Web server including Web pages dedicated to power equipment data. Easy commissioning Web Remote Monitoring equipment is...

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Schneider Electric Services, by your side throughout the life of your installation We help you to define your solutions: selection guide, technical assistance, advice, etc. We oversee the completion and commissioning of your installation: design, cost optimization, guaranteed performance and dependability We help run your daily operations in real time: maintenance contract, technical assistance, supply of replacement parts, corrective and preventive maintenance, operation and maintenance training, etc. We can bring the performance of your installation up to date: installation audit,...

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Quality assurance - environment In each of its units, Schneider Electric has a functional organization whose main role is to check quality and monitor compliance with standards. ■ Uniform throughout all departments ■ Recognized by many customers and approved organizations. But above all, it is its strict application that has allowed us to obtain the recognition of an independent organization: The French Quality Assurance Association (AFAQ). The quality system for the design and manufacture of F400 is certified as in conformity with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance...

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Sonelgas Algeria OETC Oman NIPP Nigeria JEPCO Jordan Wind farm Turkey Petro Amazonas Exxon Mobil OMSK refinery NURLAT refinery Industrial Zones Girona Airport ■ Mining, Minerals and Metals

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Description PE58202 Presentation LV control cabinet Voltage transformers (VT) Circuit-breaker Current transformers (CT) Cable connection Busbar compartment Composition of an F400 switchboard PE40322 PE58200 PE40323 PE58207 b F400 switchboards are made up of several interconnected functional units. b Power connections are made between functional units within a switchboard via a single busbar. b The electrical continuity of all metal frames is provided by the connection of each functional unit’s earthing busbar to the switchboard’s main earthing circuit. b Low voltage wiring trays are...

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Description of afunctional unit A functional unit comprises all the devices in the main and auxiliary circuit which together provide a protection function. Each functional unit contains all the components which are required to perform this function: ■ The protection, monitoring and control system (Loss of Service Continuity IEC 62271-200): this category defines the possibility of keeping other compartments energised (in service) when opening a main circuit compartment. The cubicle is of LSC2B (Loss of Service Continuity Category) type as defined by IEC standard 62271-200, in other words,...

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