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Optoelectronic safety devices

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Optoelectronic safety devices Product information

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Heinz and Philip Schmersal, Executive Directors of the Schmersal Group Safety in system – Protection for man and machine Often, it is unavoidable that people have to intervene with the workings of a machine. When this is done the safety of the operator is imperative. This demands the responsibility of the machine operator, which is also required by the world’s standards and guidelines for machine safety. The Schmersal Group has concentrated for many years on safety at work with our products and solutions; today we can offer the industry the world’s largest range of safety switchgear and...

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Introduction_________________________________________________________Page 2 Schmersal worldwide__________________________________________________Page 4 Description__________________________________________________________Page 6 Modes of operation and functions________________________________________Page 8 Safety distance______________________________________________________Page 10 Overview ___________________________________________________________Page 11 Safety light barriers Overview_________________________________________________________Page 12 Preferred types and...

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K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG ■ Founded in 1945 ■ Around 700 employees Focal points ■ Headquarters of the Schmersal Group ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears and switching systems for safety, automation and lift engineering ■ Accredited test laboratory ■ Central research and development ■ Logistics centre for European markets ■ Founded in 1952 (1997) ■ Around 180 employees Focal points ■Development and manufacture of switchgears for operation and monitoring, safety-related relay modules and controls as well as switchgears for explosion protection Muhldorf / Inn Safety Control GmbH ■...

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ACE Schmersal ■ Founded in 1974 ■ Around 400 employees Focal points ■ Manufacture of electromechanical and electronic switchgears ■ Customer-specific control systems for the North and South American market Shanghai / China Schmersal Industrial Switchgear Co. Ltd ■ Founded in 1999 ■ Around 165 employees Focal points ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears for safety, automation and lift engineering for the Asian market Pune / India Schmersal India Private Limited ■ Founded in 2013 ■ Around 60 employees Focal points ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears for safety, automation and...

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Optoelectronic safety devices Description Usage / selection of AOPD In order to choose the appropriate active optoelectronic protective device (AOPD) such as light barriers, light curtains/grids to use them correctly, both the requirements of the standards (EN 61496, ISO 13849-1, ISO 13855, C standards etc.) and product-specific features (detection sensitivity, range, etc.) must be taken into account. AOPD’s can be used, provided that: ■ he dangerous movement can be stopped at all times and that it is ensured that the dangerous T area can only be reached after the movement has come to...

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Safety light grids / light curtains The safety light curtains and safety light grids of the SLC and SLG range meet the requirements of Category type 2 and type 4 according to EN 61496. Typical applications for safety light barriers are on robots, automatic-processing plants, transfer lines, rack storage and pallet loaders. In these active optoelectronic protective devices (AOPD), the emitter and receiver are fitted in two separate enclosures. An infrared signal is emitted by the transmitter and evaluated and monitored by the receiver. If the light beam is interrupted by an object or a...

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Optoelectronic safety devices Modes of operation and functions Operating modes The operating modes of an AOPD must be defined according to the risk analysis of a machine. Automatic / Protective mode The protective mode switches the AOPD outputs to an ON state (protection field not interrupted), without external release of a switching device. This mode of operation creates an automatic machine restart if the protection field is not interrupted and should only be selected with the restart interlock of the machine. Restart interlock (manual reset) The restart interlock (manual reset) prevents...

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If the floating blanking function is configured the resolution of the light curtain changes. The technical documentation of the different light curtains includes the tables with the effective resolutions to calculate the minimum safety distance according to ISO 13855. If goods or objects need to be transported in or out of the hazardous area without stopping the machine, the safety light curtain must be automatically and temporarily suspended. Two or four muting signals are used to detect whether a person is approaching the hazardous area or a transport system is entering or leaving the...

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Optoelectronic safety devices Safety distance Safety distance The stopping time for the complete system and the resolution capacity of the AOPD essentially determines the required safety distance of the AOPD to the dangerous area. The safety light grid or light curtain must be sized and installed so that a stop signal would be transmitted and the hazard ceased prior to a person or a body part accessing the danger zone. The standard ISO 13855 provides the user with detailed information about the calculation of the minimum safety distances. These include the following important influencing...

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Key FeaturesTechnical features Safety light barrier type 2 4-stage coding Integr. evaluation • Safety light barrier type 4 • 4-stage coding • Integr. evaluation • Safety light barrier type 4 • 4-stage coding • Integr. evaluation • optional heater Range of the protection field To get detailed information about the products and certificates, visit www.schmersal.net.

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