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Innovations 2017/2018

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Safety in system: Protection for man and machine Innovations 2017/2018 Safe solutions for your industry

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Turning workplaces into safer places. With systems and solutions from Schmersal. Networking, digitalisation, flexibility and greater cooperation between man and machine distinguish the industrial production of tomorrow. Industry 4.0 presents great challenges in terms of occupational protection and the safety of machines and plant systems. We develop innovative safety systems and solutions and provide you with the Safety Services of our tec.nicum division – so you can implement future-proof concepts based on reliable and efficient production systems. Heinz Schmersal and Philip Schmersal...

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Complete solutions from a single source The Schmersal Group is your one-stop shop for comprehensive solutions, developing customised safety architectures comprising components, control systems and software. These architectures are tailored to your application and facilitate integrated communication of diagnostic information from each component to the Cloud. Easily configure your customised safety solution by choosing from a set of building blocks – from the individual component to the full service package with turnkey delivery of complex safety systems. With its extensive range of safety...

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The new Smart Safety Solution Safety-to-Cloud solution facilitates communication from sensor to cloud With the Smart Safety Solution, Schmersal offers a safety system which allows to copy all secure data as well as extensive diagnostic information to the cloud of your choice. All solenoid interlocks and safety sensors from Schmersal – equipped with an SD (Serial Diagnostic) interface – along with select safety photoelectric barriers are capable of transmitting all cyclical SD interface sensor data to a cloud via the PSC1 safety control system or an SD Gateway as well as via an Edge Gateway....

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! SCHFTIERSRL Safe solutions for your industry

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Schmersal safety installation systems A solution to suit any application An economical safety solution: The new installation aids for wiring safety switchgear in series prevent incorrect wiring and reduce the time and effort required for installation. Three alternatives for optimum personal safety and process reliability: ■ assive distribution modules (PDM) and passive field boxes (PFB) enable mixed series circuits P with up to four different electronic safety sensors and solenoid interlocks. The possibility of cascading means that larger systems can be set-up. Wire cross sections of up to...

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With all three solutions, individual diagnosis of the connected safety switches is possible. On the passive installation systems, individual actuation of the series-connected solenoid interlocks is also facilitated. The advantage is that it is possible to detect with absolute certainty which switch reported a signal, thereby enabling faster rectification of malfunctions and avoidance of machine downtimes, resulting in a significantly increased machine availability. Example: Passive field boxes for parallel I/O wiring (PFB-IOP)

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New relay modules PROTECT SRB-E-FWS-TS Standstill monitoring – time monitoring – safety guard door monitoring More functions in one device: With the new safety modules, the functions of safe standstill monitoring and safety delay timer are comprised in one component in the basic version SRB-E-302FWS-TS. A completely new feature is the SRB-E-402FWS-TS module: With the additional safety guard door monitoring, this device features three functions in one! This sets it apart from others in the market. Safe standstill monitoring: Monitors the pulses of the connected sensors. Permanent comparison...

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Having proved itself many times in the field, the safety relay module PROTECT SRB-E-301MC is now available with a new enclosure with slot-in termination and a more compact design. This makes it easier to install. It features three efficient safety relay outputs and a potential-free signal contact. A simple rotary switch is used to configure the cross short recognition function. The transparent front plate can be secured with a conventional lead seal. ■ 1- or 2-channel signal evaluation ■Start / feedback loop monitoring ■Optionally with cross short monitoring ■ 3 safety contacts stop...

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Non-contact protection systems Multifunctional and efficient Safety light curtains / grids SLC/SLG240COM The new product series SLC/SLG240COM offers many convenient functions, for example a beam blanking function for fixed and moving objects. Furthermore, the sensor pairs can be connected in series in order to safeguard the machine from multiple sides. A new feature is the signal quality indicator during active operation. Signal deterioration can be detected and corrected in operation to prevent unscheduled system stops. ■ afety type 2 according to IEC 61496-1 S ■ ser-friendly parameter...

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Safety light barriers SLB240/440 The smallest safety photoelectric barriers in the world with integrated safety output have been awarded with the GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD 2018. Thanks to the compact design, they can be integrated easily in very tight installation spaces. The new SLB240/440 series is suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly for safeguarding smaller hazardous areas such as machines with small openings. The range of applications also includes safeguarding areas with very long distances (75m) without mutual impairment. ■ Adjustable coding without tools / PC ■ With...

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Extension of AS-i safety programme Systematic safety solutions The fieldbus standard AS-i not only supports non-safe devices but also safety switches, sensors and solenoid interlocks to be wired simply and cost effectively. The integration into the AS-i safety network provides many advantages: fast installation and commissioning, comprehensive diagnostic functions and a high level of flexibility when adapting the safety function to the application. The safety sensor RSS260, solenoid interlock AZM300 as well as safety light curtains and light grids SLC/SLG440-AS are now also available with...

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