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Command and signalling devices

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Command and signalling devices Product information m 5CHIT1ER5HL Safe solutions for your industry

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Heinz and Philip Schmersal, managing directors of the Schmersal Group Safety in system – Protection for man and machine Often, it is unavoidable that people have to intervene with the workings of a machine. When this is done the safety of the operator is imperative. This demands the responsibility of the machine operator, which is also required by the world‘s standards and guidelines for machine safety. The Schmersal Group has concentrated for many years on safety at work with our products and solutions; today we can offer the industry the world‘s largest range of safety switchgear and...

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■ Command and signalling devices Page E program Page N program Page R program Page A program Page Contact and lighting elements Page Accessories Page Enclosures for surface mounting Page ■ Control panels Page ■ Two-hand control panels Page ■ Maintained joystick switches and spring-return joystick switches Page ■ Enabling switches Page

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Startup of the new central warehouse in 2013 The brothers Kurt Andreas Schmersal and Ernst Schmersal form the company in Wuppertal. The product portfolio is continuously expanded. Many switchgears are used in safety related applications such as in explosive areas. Schmersal is one of the first companies to begin development and production of electronic proximity switches. ACE Schmersal is formed in Boituva, Brazil. Generational change: Heinz and Stefan Schmersal take over the company from their fathers. ELAN Schaltelemente GmbH & Co. KG based in Wettenberg is acquired. The production...

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With its own affiliates in around 20 countries and capable sales and service partners in 30 more countries, the Schmersal Group has operations worldwide. We started quite early with the internationalisation of sales, consultancy and production. This is also one of the reasons that we are a favoured global partner for machinery and plant construction and also an approved partner for many medium sized engineering companies with local presence. Wherever there are machines that work with Schmersal safety switches, the nearest branch or representative is not far away. ■ Argentina, Buenos Aires ■...

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K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG ■ Founded in 1945 ■ Around 700 employees Focal points ■ Headquarters of the Schmersal Group ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears and switching systems for safety, automation and lift engineering ■ Accredited test laboratory ■ Central research and development ■ Logistics centre for European markets ■ Founded in 1952 (1997) ■ Around 180 employees Focal points ■Development and manufacture of switchgears for operation and monitoring, safety-related relay modules and controls as well as switchgears for explosion protection Muhldorf / Inn Safety Control GmbH ■...

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ACE Schmersal ■ Founded in 1974 ■ Around 400 employees Focal points ■ Manufacture of electromechanical and electronic switchgears ■ Customer-specific control systems for the North and South American market Shanghai / China Schmersal Industrial Switchgear Co. Ltd ■ Founded in 1999 ■ Around 165 employees Focal points ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears for safety, automation and lift engineering for the Asian market Pune / India Schmersal India Private Limited ■ Founded in 2013 ■ Around 60 employees Focal points ■ Development and manufacture of switchgears for safety, automation and...

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Command and signalling devices Description Command and signalling devices Command and signalling devices makes communication possible between human beings and machines. People expect high levels of reliability from them. Intuitive operation is desirable not just from an ergonomic point of view, but also with regards to safety at work. The type of machine and the environmental conditions mean that the demands made of command and signalling devices are very different. Consequently, there are a wide range of different construction forms. In addition to classic command devices and indicator...

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Command and signalling devices E program The Series E command and signalling devices for 22.3 mm and 30 mm installation boreholes have been developed as universal operator input and display elements for all mechanical engineering, plant construction and automotive applications. They are generally integrated in the control panels or enclosures of machines and are in use all over the world. The separate N and R product portfolios are available for applications that make particular demands of either hygiene or the toughness of the command and signalling devices. The command and signalling...

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Emergency stop EMERGENCY STOP with release by key Pushbutton Mushroom head impact button/ Emergency-stop pushbutton Key-operated selector switch/ button Selector switch/key button Illuminated pushbutton Illuminated signal Step selector switch Potentiometer drive Mounting flange EFM Mounting flange EFMH Short-stroke key element Mounting flange ELM Securing plate Position switches Light terminal block ELDE… Light terminal block EL… Emergency stop label Emergency stop protective collar EMERGENCY STOP enclosure for surface mounting Identification label Plastic enclosure for surface mounting...

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* Spring element EFR or EFR.EDRRS must be ordered separately! All dimensions in mm. Height of command device in front of the front panel Installation diameter for the command device head Width of command device head

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Command and signalling devices – E program Illuminated signal General description Applications under difficult operating conditions 22.3 mm Illuminated signal with integrated LED Applications under difficult operating conditions 22.3 mm Glass Aluminium Glass Aluminium Round with flat or high glass 1…6 mm − Round with flat or high glass 1…6 mm ■ Mounting-Ø Housing material Material of operating element Material front ring Other versions are available Mounting-Ø 30.5 mm Vandal-proof devices Technical features Mechanical data Colour Design Front panel thickness Integrated LED 24 VAC/DC *...

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