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© Schmalz, 09/14 I Article No. I Subject to technical changes without notice I Schmalz is a registered trademark Innovative Vacuum for Automation Vacuum Solutions for the Intelligent Factory Industry 4.0 Ready 4

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Bild: KUKA Systems GmbH Our Contribution to the Intelligent Factory As the Innovation Leader in Vacuum Technology, Schmalz is Supporting its Customers on the Path Towards Industry 4.0 Experts agree that in future, no company competing at an international level can afford to ignore Industry 4.0. Today, enterprises need to set a course for tomorrow and be ready for networked production. People, machines and resources interact in the factory of the future. Strongly individualized products are created through highly flexible and resource-efficient production. There is extensive integration of...

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Industry 4.0 Networked Production What Actually is Industry 4.0? The "fourth industrial revolution" describes the transition of production work towards the intelligent factory. The increased networking of production and IT processes makes this flexible, efficient and sustainable. In the future, products will plan, control and optimize their own production process without human intervention. Humans will continue to dictate the pace, but with the best possible support in their work. Visions and Benefits of Industry 4.0 • Production becomes highly flexible, highly productive and...

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Vacuum Components with Integrated Intelligence Ready for the Future Smart Field Devices from Schmalz Industry 4.0 needs intelligent devices which communicate with each other in the factory of tomorrow – so-called smart field devices. The "i" series vacuum generators and the Schmalz needle gripper SNGi-AE come with this intelligence. They gather all important process data and interpret and communicate this up to the master level. For this, they use the IO-Link as open interfaces for communication in all standard field-bus systems. Compact Ejectors SCPSi Compact Ejectors SCPi / SMPi Compact...

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Energy Consumption and Processes Under Control Schmalz equips its smart field devices with comprehensive energy and process control functions. The diagnostics functions of the energy monitoring and condition monitoring modules ensure maximum process transparency and optimal control of energy consumption; the predictive maintenance module improves the gripper system’s performance and increases the overall quality. Energy Monitoring For the Optimization of Energy Consumption in Vacuum Systems • Current energy consumption captured as real values • Energy efficiency of vacuum system optimized...

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World of Vacuum Technology Vacuum Gripping Systems Vacuum Handling Systems Vacuum Clamping Systems Schmalz Worldwide Canada Schmalz Vacuum Technology Ltd. Mississauga China Schmalz (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Shanghai Finland Oy Schmalz Ab Vantaa France Schmalz S.A.S. Champs sur Marne Germany J. Schmalz GmbH Glatten Mexiko Schmalz R.L. de C.V. Santiago de Querétaro Spain Schmalz S.A. Erandio (Biscay) India Schmalz India Pvt. Ltd. Pune The Netherlands Schmalz B.V. Hengelo Switzerland Schmalz GmbH Nürensdorf Italy Schmalz S.r.l. a Socio Unico Novara Poland Schmalz Sp. z o.o. Suchy Las (Poznan)...

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