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Vacuum Gripping Systems

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Innovative Vacuum for Automation Vacuum Gripping Systems Area and Layer Gripping Systems Suction Spiders 2

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Schmalz World of Vacuum Technology Consistent customer orientation and groundbreaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence make Schmalz the world's leading partner for vacuum technology in automation, handling and clamping applications. As a company that acts globally and offers innovative products and services, we provide our customers with efficient solutions tailored precisely to their particular applications’ requirements. We inspire our customers everywhere where production processes are designed more efficiently through the use of vacuum technology....

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Vacuum Gripping Systems from Schmalz Schmalz – Your Partner for System Solutions Industry Solutions Vacuum Gripping Systems in Use Area Gripping Systems Vacuum Area Gripping Systems FXP / FMP Flexibility and Power Vacuum Area Gripping Systems SBX Very Robust Grippers for the Timber and Woodworking Industry Vacuum Layer Gripping Systems SPZ High-Performance Palletizers for Warehousing and Intralogistics Vacuum Suction Spiders SSP Custom Made Solutions for End-of-Arm-Tooling Layer Gripping Systems Suction Spiders

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“Our system consultants and designers have extensive knowledge in the field of vacuum technology, combined with decades of experience in the international mech anical and plant engineering. Entrust your automation task to us: we understand your requirements.” Peter Gröning Head of Business Development and System House Vacuum Gripping Systems Schmalz – Your Partner for System Solutions Schmalz is a competent and experienced partner for vacuum system solutions for automation. With first-class products, extensive experience and custom made services, a Schmalz system helps you to minimize costs...

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Exceptional in Automation From the Components to Your Custom Gripping System Innovative Vacuum Components A gripping system is only as good as its individual parts. Benefit from the widest range of vacuum components on the market: • Optimally coordinated individual components from a single supplier, from suction pads, to vacuum generators, to system monitoring units • Numerous products specially developed for specific industries • Integrated state-of-the-art technology for energy and process control • Modularity ensured through standardized interfaces and connection systems Vacuum...

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Industry Solutions Vacuum Gripping Systems in Use Vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure efficient process automation. Our many years of experience and our close relationship with our customers mean we know your processes. That allows us to produce products to meet the highest industry requirements. Our range of solutions stretches from flexible, easy integrate universal grippers to complex, custom-designed system solutions.

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Vacuum suction spider SSP being used for handling wooden boards Wood Powerful and Secure Handling Under Demanding Operating Conditions Whether for gentle handling of furniture parts or powerful gripping of unplaned boards and planks, vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz can be used to automate handling processes in woodworking and furniture production. Vacuum area gripping system FMP being used to handle structured wooden boards Vacuum area gripping system FMP in a double gripper configuration being used to handle construction timber Vacuum area gripping system SBX for handling layers of...

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Vacuum area gripping system FMP being used to load shipping boxes with smaller boxes Flexible Solutions for Case Packing and End-of-Line Packaging processes demand flexibility, fast acceleration and short cycle time. A custom-designed vacuum gripping system from Schmalz allows you to dynamically palletize and de-palletize a wide range of packaging, including bending boxes, shrink-wrapped packages, bags and cans. Vacuum area gripping system FXP being used to handle foil-wrapped goods Vacuum suction spider SSP with electrically adjustable grippers for separating boxes or building layers...

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Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C for palletizing and de-palletizing a wide range of goods Logistics Efficient Palletizing, Layer by Layer Distribution logistics involve transporting countless goods around the globe every day. Schmalz palletizers are employed at transfer points to palletize and depalletize them in complete layers. Even workpieces which can hardly be gripped by vacuum are manageable thanks to innovative gripping technology. Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C being used to palletize beverage trays Vacuum suction spider SSP being used to pick boxes in a goods distribution...

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Vacuum area gripping system FXP being used to handle plastic bumpers Automotive and Sheet Metal Intelligent Vacuum for Automation with Added Value for Processes Body shop, shell construction, vehicle assembly – aside from sheet metal handling Schmalz gripping systems are used in automobile manufacturing to handle many other materials such as plastics, glass and carbon fiber. Intelligent systems allow you to optimize cycle times, energy consumption and availability. Vacuum area gripping system FXP being used to handle car body parts in the body shop Vacuum area gripping system FMP being used...

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Solar | Vacuum suction spider SSP being used to handle module glass Other Industry Solutions From Universal to Custom – Gripper Solutions for Virtually any Application Vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz are used in many other industries to ensure flexible and economical automation processes: from versatile universal grippers to custom specific solutions designed for the customer. Composites | Vacuum area gripping system FXP being used to handle molded CFRP parts Construction materials | Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ with gripping arms for handling bricks and pallets Construction...

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Vacuum Area Gripping Systems Universal Grippers with Extra Power Everything firmly in its grip – The area grippers from Schmalz’ FXP / FMP series are truly versatile products that are setting new standards in process reliability, energy efficiency and availability in the area of automated vacuum handling. Schmalz has developed the vacuum area gripping system SBX for particularly rugged applications in the timber and woodworking industry (from p. 28).

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