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© Schmalz, 10/14 I Article No. I Subject to technical changes without notice I Schmalz is a registered trademark. Innovative Vacuum for Automation Vacuum Components

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Vacuum End Effectors VEE Application Vacuum end effector with bellows suction pads SPB4f handling pouches with many wrinkles and a low filling degree. Vacuum end effector with vacuum module and bellows suction pads SPB4f handling flexible bags Vacuum end effector with bellows suction pads SPB4 and stabilization elements handling unstable flow-wrap packaging System components for quick and cost-effective designing of vacuum end effectors for highspeed packaging processes • Pick-and-place applications with Delta, SCARA and articulated robots • Fully automated filling of cardboard boxes in...

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Vacuum End Effectors VEE - 3

Design and Sample Configuration Vacuum modules Solenoid valve Flange plates Flange modules with integrated vacuum generation for standard types of robots Flange modules - Rigid or rotating by 360° - Can be extended (optional) Basic modules Connector node Plugs Top connector G3/8"-F or closed Bottom connector incl. sealing element Plugs for partitioning into different vacuum zones Connecting tubes Screw cover (optional) Stabilization elements (available as a suction pad accessory) Vacuum suction pads (can be selected from the Schmalz product range) Vacuum Suction Pads for the Packaging...

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Vacuum End Effectors VEE - 4

Flange plates FLAN-PL Flange modules VEE-QCM Vacuum modules VEE-QCMV Quick and easy connection of the flange module to the robot; available for connectional robot types and as an universal flange. Quick-change adapters and vacuum connection; either horizontal or vertical (max. flow rate 60 m³/h). Rotary unit VEE-RU for continuous rotation of the end effector without decreasing the flow or winding up the hose available as an alternative. Quick-change adapters with spacesaving integrated, energy-efficient vacuum generation using the Schmalz ecoPump (max. suction rate: 10.5 m³/h); with...

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Vacuum End Effectors VEE - 5

Vacuum End Effectors VEE Overview of Highlights Individual configuration • Flexibly configurable, perfectly coordinated individual components • Variable number and positioning of the suction pads • Hose-free vacuum distribution • Optional integrated vacuum generation available Reduced construction and manufacturing efforts • Online configurator for designing the end effector in just a few minutes including the creation of CAD data and parts lists • Minimizes configuration and production time by more than 80 % • Reduces manufacturing costs Extremly lightweight • Complete end effectors...

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Vacuum End Effectors VEE - 6

Vacuum End Effectors VEE Starter Set Whether for use directly in a robotic system or as handy design tool – with the VEE Starter Set you have all of the most important components for quickly assembling your effector right at your fingertips. Contents 120-piece starter set with all of the components necessary for installing up to two VEE vacuum end effectors, including: • 8 vacuum suction pads SPB4-30 for bags and flexible packaging • Lockable quick-change adapter with bayonet mount Supplied in a sturdy plastic case with detailed assembly instructions Part no.: VEE Starter Set...

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