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Innovative Vacuum for Automation Vacuum Components Catalog 2016 / 2017

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Schmalz Online Shop Your Personal Online Shop Account with Order Center Select and Save Items The new faceted search allows you to find the right product quickly and save it in a watch list. Get and Compare Information Compare multiple products, download CAD data, check prices and availability. Place and Track Your Order Place your order with the click of a mouse, get tracking information and generate follow-up orders.

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Company Profile | Efficiency and Sustainability | Business Areas | Industry Solutions Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum System and its Components | System Design | Units and Conversion Tables | Vacuum Glossary Vacuum Suction Cups Universal Suction Cups | Suction Cups for Special Applications (Metal, Wood, Packaging etc.) Special Grippers Floating Suction Cups | Magnetic Grippers | Thin glass grippers | Needle Grippers | Wafer Grippers | Composite Grippers 312 Vacuum Gripping Systems Vacuum Area Gripping Systems | Vacuum End Effectors Mounting Elements Jointed Mountings | Spring Plungers | Holders |...

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Vacuum Gripping Systems Mounting Elements Vacuum Generators Valve Technology Switches and Monitoring Filters and Connections Services Index of Products Consistent customer orientation and groundbreaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence make Schmalz the world's leading partner for vacuum technology in automation, handling and clamping applications. 4

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Mounting Elements You also can engage in a partnership that brings real competitive advantages in the long term – place your trust in Schmalz vacuum technology. Our company is driven by the innovative spirit of our employees coupled with the expertise we have gained from more than 30 years’ experience in the field of vacuum technology. Actively helping our company to be ready for change is therefore a matter close to our heart. We invest in technologies of the future and have also positioned ourselves successfully...

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Vacuum Gripping Systems Vacuum Generators Mounting Elements The World of Vacuum Technology Schmalz is one of the leading suppliers in the fields of automation, handling and clamping technology and offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions to customers in numerous different industries. Valve Technology Founded: Market position: Business areas: Employees: Innovation figures: Branches: Sales partners: 1910 by Johannes Schmalz Leading global supplier of vacuum technology in the fields of automation, handling and...

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International Sales Network Vacuum Suction Cups Vacuum Knowledge On-site Expertise in Over 80 Countries Japan Schmalz K.K. 3595 Ikonobe-cho Tsuzuki-ku 224-0053 Yokohama Tel +81 45 308-9940 Fax +81 45 308-9941 Mexico Schmalz S. de R.L. de C.V. Pirineos 500, Bodega 18 Parque Industrial Benito Juarez Micro Parque Santiago II 76120 Querétaro Tel +52 442 209 5218 South Korea Schmalz Co. Ltd. Room 728 775-1 Janghang 2-dong IlsandongGu Goyang KyungkiDo Tel +82 31 816 2403 Fax +82 31 816 2404 France Schmalz S.A.S. Le Prométhée 65...

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Vacuum Gripping Systems Efficiency and Sustainability You can see Sustainability in Practice in our Products Schmalz sees sustainability as a holistic system of economic success, ecological responsibility and social engagement. Numerous sustainability measures have been combined to develop the Schmalz ecoSYSTEM. This ecoSYSTEM encompasses long-term stability, resource-efficient products and processes, and fairness towards customers, employees, suppliers and society. Economy • A solid financial base is important to...

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Schmalz - The Company Comparable products on the market Savings through Schmalz products Schmalz products Product life cycle Distribution logistics Development of CO2 emissions during the product life cycle (Product Carbon Footprint) Efficiency in Product Operation When operating products in the field of vacuum technology, it is especially important to use the resources of compressed air and electricity in an efficient manner. For example, Schmalz designs its compact ejectors in a way that only the amount of compressed air is consumed that is needed for the actual handing operation. This...

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Vacuum Gripping Systems Special Grippers Intelligent Process Communication for Transparent and Efficient Production Vacuum Generators Mounting Elements Vacuum Solutions for Industry 4.0 Intelligent Communication within Production Networking in production means the gradual break up of hierarchical information structures. An automation cloud is formed in which intelligent devices and services interact with one another and organize themselves via an IO-Link. Intelligent products allow for communication with the user’s control systems...

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Basic capacity and availability for operations planning Maintenance requirement, productivity and quality data Parameter entries (e.g time and speed) and measured value output (e.g energy consumption) Communication of condition information An example of intelligent process communication in the X-Pump SXPi/SXMPi compact ejector Energy and Process Control Data as the Basis of Industry 4.0 The basis for intelligent functions is that all of the relevant process data is available in real time. Schmalz provides an entire range of so-called smart field devices for this purpose: They are fitted...

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Schmalz - The Company Vacuum Knowledge Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Vacuum Gripping Systems Mounting Elements Vacuum Generators Valve Technology Nowadays, vacuum components perform much more than just one basic function. Suction cups and vacuum generators, for example are the key to boosting efficiency: not only in the product itself thanks to the high level of energy efficiency, but also in the process. This is achieved by intelligent ejectors that calculate system states and data, communicate across networks and contribute to the monitoring and control of the entire process....

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