Solutions for the Chemica and Pharmaceutical Industry - 12 Pages

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Solutions for the Chemica and Pharmaceutical Industry

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Ergonomic Handling Solutions Vacuum Handling Systems Solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical sector >

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Damage-free handling of plastic and paper sacks (withinlayer)ՕSafe handling of barrels up to 200 Iitres, even withbung holesMechanical grippers for handling of buckets andcanistersՕSimultaneous handling of several workpieces Flexible lifting devices with quick-change adapters forrapid changing of the suction pads > ՕDirectly driven for low wear and minimum maintenanceQuiet operation due to low speed ՕLow blower temperature even when running at fullloadVacuum-generator output can be adjusted to matchthe properties of the workpieces to be handledՕOptional: frequency regulation for handling...

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Jumbo Sprint, maximum load 45 kg, with sack gripper, for handling plastic and paper sacks JumboSprint, maximum load 65 kg, with sack gripper, for handling sacks in explosion-proof areas to ATEX JumboSprint, maximum load 65 kg, with sack gripper, for commissioning of plastic andpaper sacks JumboFlex, maximum load 35 kg, with sack gripper, for handling plastic sacks weighing up to 25 kg >

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֕Easy handling of workpieces which have to be gripped at difficult positions (handles, wire handles, lids)Simultaneous handling of several workpieces with a single gripperՕSafe and damage-free handling Resistance to chemicals, salts, vapours, etc. > ՕVacuum tube lifter Jumbo with single suction pad or mechanical grippers for independent unpacking andpacking of the workpieces > JumboErgo, maximum load 45 kg, for commissioning of canisters JumboErgo, maximum load 65 kg, for unstacking five canisters on a roller conveyor JumboFlex, maximum load 35 kg, with round suction pad, for handling of...

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JumboErgo, maximum load 140 kg, with customer-specific gripper solution, for simultaneous handling of four barrels VacuMaster Eco, maximum load 250 kg, for barrel handling JumboErgo, maximum load 85 kg, with side gripper, for handling and emptying barrels JumboErgo, maximum load 300 kg, with round suction pad, for handling barrels >

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Handling of heavy and unwieldy workpieces by a single person, without risk of injuryՕCustomer-specific solutionsFrequent and fast lifting and moving of workpieces ՕSimultaneous handling of several workpieces > Vacuum tube lifters Jumbo with special suction-pad solutionsՕJumbo Flex, Ergo and Sprint, operator controls as desired, for precise handling in an ergonomical postureVacuum lifting devices VacuMaster with customer-specific and application-specific modifications ՕMechanical grippers suspended on chain hoists Simultaneous handling of several workpieces > JumboErgo, maximum load 65 kg,...

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The loads are gripped and lifted only by the vacuumՕSimple adaptation of the lifter to meet individualrequirements, thanks to the modular system of variable basic components which can be combined inmany ways Safety Quick-acting non-return valve and large suction-padarea prevent dropping of the load, even if the powerfailsՕDesigned in accordance with the Germanaccident-prevention regulations laid down inBGR/BGV 500 Ergonomy Compliance with the latest ergonomic best practicesreduces the risk of injuries to the operator Reliability ՕFor all vacuum tube lifters, we offer a two-year warranty in...

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Handling of sacks, paint containers and explosive materials > ՕWide range of stainless-steel suction pads All mechanical components with antistatic coatings and, if necessary, with grounding connectionՕSuitable crane systems made from stainless steel or painted, with grounding connection Comprehensive range of accessories suitable for use in explosion-proof areas (including a quick-change system forrapid changing of the suction pads)ՕAntistatic lifting tubes and feed hosesAvailable in stainless steel or in specially coated aluminium > ՕMeticulous testing of the components and assemblies by...

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For handling of barrels, sheets, etc. Extremely versatile vacuum lifting deviceՕComponents matched individually to the specific applicationMain beam with integrated vacuum reservoir and distributorՕErgonomic operator handle (on the Comfort version)with integrated push-button controlsElectronic warning device, non-return valveՕOptional: 90 tilting or 180а turning of the workpiece Maximum load 125 to 750 kgՕ3-year warranty in single-shift operation > VacuMaster Basic, maximum load 250 kg, horizontal, for handling of barrels Operator handle BasicOperator handle Comfort For horizontal handling...

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Very ergonomical thanks to low moving massesՕMinimum overall height also suitable for use in rooms with low ceilings֕Optimal routing of power supplies (electricity, compressed air, vacuum) Designed especially for use with the Jumbo and VacuMaster ՕAlso available in stainless steel for use in explosion-proof areas (zones 1/21 and 2/22)2-year warranty in single-shift operation > Column mounted jib crane with Jumbo Stainless-steel articulated-jib crane with Jumbo ՕHigh level of safety thanks to low voltages on thecontrol unitLong operating life thanks to limit switches on the lifting...

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