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RoCon® Series 6 - 1

Electronic Rotational Speed Change Sensor we make processes work

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RoCon® Series 6 - 2

Members of the Schenck Process Group, Stock® are leading providers of feeding, automation and bulk solids handling The Schenck Process Group are global market leaders for solutions in measuring and process technologies in industrial weighing, feeding, screening and automation. Always close to the customer, with an unrivalled global network of operating companies Stock® are your competent global partner for weighing, feeding, screening and automation solutions throughout the process industries. O Continuous product development O Best practice approach to applications O Raising industry...

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RoCon® Series 6 - 3

How it Operates A self-contained sensor is employed to sense blades on a target rotor mounted on the driven shaft. The unit operates on a digital principle, the response time being inversely proportional to speed, i.e the higher the speed the shorter the response time. Switching occurs when the frequency of the blades passing the sensor corresponds to the threshold frequency. On dropping below the threshold the sensor de-activates. Standard Units Allows a machine to ‘run up to speed’. If normal running speed is not achieved within 10 seconds the sensor switching current is interrupted....

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RoCon® Series 6 - 4

RoCon® Series 6 Rotational Control Unit Sensor Design The RoCon® can be wired into the starter circuit of the control system, or used to give an input directly to a PLC. The sensor provides an open circuit when de-energised operating from a 24 to 240V AC/DC 50 Hz supply. For maximum safe operation wiring into the starter circuit is to be preferred as the RoCon® is still functional if manual operation of the system can bypass the PLC control. Connection to the sensor is two wire. Sensor Part Order No. 0048/3048 Approval Magnetic Auto-Calibration Point Blue (200mA max) Black Sensor...

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RoCon® Series 6 - 5

Performing 24/7 Typical Wiring Diagrams: Directly Connected into Starter Circuits Typical Wiring Diagrams: RoCon Units For PLC Applications Standard Units With Time Delay The RoCon® is wired in series with the stop push button and when operated the RoCon® conducts for 10 seconds to allow the machine to run up to speed. After 10 seconds the machine rotation maintains the RoCon® in a conducting state. If the machine’s speed drops below the switching speed the RoCon® will cease conducting thus releasing the machine starter. NOTE: The start up delay is initialised when the sensor is powered up...

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RoCon® Series 6 - 6

Sensor Adjustment & Recalibration The sensor start-up delay and speed activation threshold can be adjusted on-site as follows: Start up machine and allow time for it to attain normal running speed. The sensor has two LEDs for information purposes, the input LED is red and flashes every time rotor passes the front face of the sensor. The output LED is tri-colour. Under normal conditions the output LED is green, under fault conditions the LED may br orange or red. See the specification table for fault codes. Whilst the magnet is placed against the target the output LED will flash at one...

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RoCon® Series 6 - 7

FloMaster® Circular Bin Discharger Fitted beneath circular silos or bins Positive discharge of difficult materials No bridging or blockage at the silo outlet Compact construction Versatile in material control Single, Two or Three Stage units Totally enclosed Safe/good access for maintenance Other Redler Technologies IntraBulk® Bulk Reception Unit Above ground intake Feed from road vehicle or loader Fast vehicle turn around time Can act as a buffer store Controlled discharge into process Modular heavy duty construction Quick installation & commissioning FulFiller® Container Loader System...

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RoCon® Series 6 - 8

10.13 All information is given without obligation. All specifications are subject to change. Schenck Process UK Limited Carolina Court, Lakeside Doncaster DN4 5RA United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1302 321313 F: +44 (0) 1302 554400

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