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Schenck Process Group -most comprehensive global line of process handling solutions for the pet food industry we make processes work

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Schenck Process Group – your partner worldwide High-tech solutions for weighing, feeding, pneumatic conveying and filtration Precisely handled bulk materials are critical to the manufacture of the highest quality pet food brands. Our adaptable high-tech solutions are specially designed for the demands of the most stringent branded pet foods. Whether you need a gravimetric feeder for dosing digest, weighbelt feeder to coating, dilute phase conveying of mash, low pressure continuous dense phase of finished kibble to packaging, a general fugitive dust collection system or non-thermal plasma...

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At Schenck Process, everything we do is centered on customer satisfaction. We follow a customer focused eight step process that allows our experienced project managers and their teams of engineers to design the most efficient, cost effective system to meet your operational requirements on budget and on time. Schenck Process project management a rc h ese Whether we’re doing a simple engineering study or a complete design-build project, we think and plan like your business partner. Understanding Needs Every project begins with your operation, your conditions, your application and your unique...

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Delivering the most comprehensive dry material handling systems to pet food manufacturers For over 40 years Schenck Process has supplied the most recognized pet food brands throughout the world with state-of-the-art dry bulk material handling systems. Our range of technology offerings includes pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding, filtration and odor abatement. We can take your raw materials from the initial unloading stage and move them all the way through the plant to the final packaging area. MoveMaster® E bucket elevator Our engineers are experienced in pet food manufacturing...

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Schenck Process has 22 production facilities on 5 continents, Pet Food Process Applications 130 agencies and over 3,000 employees worldwide. Raw material unloading & storage A global infrastructure capable of delivering solutions on Batching a supply only or turnkey basis make Schenck Process the Mixing ideal choice for pet food manufacturer material process Extrusion handling needs throughout the world. Milling & majors/minors/micros batching Drying Coaling Cooling Finished proiliii! blending Dust <olle(no|| Odor ;il >;itei iient M1 1Ti CSER pneumatic filter receiver...

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Raw Material Unloading & Storage During raw material unloading Schenck Process has a wide range of product solutions for either mechanically or pneumatically conveying materials to bulk storage areas. Additionally, a full line of air filtration products are available for removing any dust hazards. Batching With most pet food plants scaling raw materials in batches, it is critical for plant operators to have equipment that can handle materials in major and minor processing systems. The MechaTron® dry material feeder and E-finity pneumatic convey system are a perfect fit when batch feeding or...

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Mixing All the dry raw materials are joined at the mixing step and Schenck Process supplies air filtration systems for dust collection in and out of the mixer as well as dilute pneumatic conveying systems to and from the mixer. Extrusion During the extrusion process the Schenck Process MULTICOR® coriolis mass flow meter with a GCA airlock or screw conveyor at the discharge is the ideal solution for extruder milled feed metering. Our Extruder Negative Airlift vacuum convey system picks up product from the discharge end of the extruder and gently conveys it to the inlet distributor of the...

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Drying Schenck Process equipment has been integrated with a number of gas fired vertical or horizontal dryers from multiple manufacturers. Dryer aeration cyclones, odor abatement and dry discharge E-finity continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying to the coating/cooling process are offered solutions for drying applications. Coating For coating applications, infeed weighbelts, dry powder digest unloading equipment, digest conveying and digest metering equipment and a dense phase system exiting the coater are all systems supplied by Schenck Process. Due to contamination issues associated...

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Cooling Cooler aspiration cyclones, odor abatement systems and E-finity dense phase pneumatic conveying to and from the cooler are solutions for this part of the process. Finished Product Blending After product blending, Schenck Process weighs or meters and then conveys the materials to packaging with its line of weighbelts, solids flow meters and E-finity low pressure continuous dense phase conveying systems. PNEUMATIC CONVEYING MULTIDOS® L Weighing and feeding Cleanable Side Entry Receiver (CSER) Air filtration GCA Global Clean Airlock Pneumatic conveying •• Excellent for weighing and...

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Packaging E-finity dense phase pneumatic convey systems move the finished product from the blend bins to the packaging lines. Odor Abatement For the reduction of pet food and aqua feed manufacturing odors, the ModuPlasma™ is an odor abatement system that uses direct treatment, which means the emission is led through the energy field, in opposition to other plasma solutions, where ozone is injected into the emission. This direct treatment results in oxidation 1 to 10 million times faster than in nature. ODOR CONTROL WEIGHING ELECTRONICS Cyclone Collectors Air filtration ModuPlasma™ Odor...

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Complete solutions for your requirements Looking for after-sales solutions? Our extensive Process Advanced Service System (PASS) provides you with aftersales services – customized to your specific requirements. The framework of our PASS program is designed with you in mind. With the guidance of our experienced after-sales team, you can create PASS packages comprised of original spare and wear parts, various services and high quality components to meet your needs. PASS is based on a modular principle – you can pick and choose any individual PASS product or a combination of products. Four...

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