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High capacity output and low emissions. Reliable solutions for power generation. Schenck Process - Innovative solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly power generation. we make processes work

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Schenck Process Group - Your Partner Worldwide Acting locally to support your needs the Schenck Process Group is working where you are. With a global network of sites and competent partners, the name Schenck Process is synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and well-engineered measuring technology for industrial weighing, conveying, feeding, screening and automation. Our key skills include planning processes, feeding bulk materials, controlling flows of material, recording flows of goods, weighing goods and automating transport processes. Members of the Schenck Process Group...

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Power industries - 3

Complete solutions for your requirements Looking for after-sales solutions? Our extensive Process Advanced Service System (PASS) provides you with aftersales services – customised to your specific requirements. The framework of our PASS program is designed with you in mind. With the guidance of our experienced after-sales team, you can create PASS packages comprising original spare and wear parts, various services and high quality components to meet your needs. PASS is based on a modular principle – you can pick and choose any individual PASS product or a combination thereof. 4 categories...

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Power industries - 4

Cut Energy Costs through Biomass and Alternative Fuels Reduced environmental impact – reduced operational costs Saving energy costs is a top priority. The solution is to use biomass and alternative fuels for boilers such as classic and alternative fuels (e.g. wood chips, shredded plastic and production wastes, meat and bone meal and processed domestic waste). The problem with this is that these very different materials pose extremely difficult challenges regarding the design of the feeding and conveying systems. The Schenck Process solution saves money and staff time, is extremely...

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Power industries - 5

More eco-friendly CO2-neutral power generation thanks to optimum conveying and feeding of biomass Cleaner Schenck Process systems improve flue gas purification More effective No more than required – thanks to gravimetric feeding technology More robust Bulk material expertise and perfect feeding technology ensure robust processes More precise Thanks to systems tailored precisely to a wide range of fuel qualities Wide spectrum Systems for delivering, conveying, storing and removing all bulk materials

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Power industries - 6

Market Leading Technology and Capabilities With the most trusted brands in the industry, Schenck Process offers a diverse range of bulk material handling systems, equipment and components to cover almost any need in the power industry. From receiving by truck, rail, or barge to stockpile and from stockpile to point of use our material handling systems convey millions of tons of raw material annually including coal, limestone, biomass and alternative fuels. Our products also are used to handle the by-products generated at the plants such as ash and gypsum. Schenck Process material handling...

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Power industries - 7

No matter what your facility or boiler type, the Schenck Process Group delivers superior reliability and accuracy in raw material weighing, feeding and handling. Even with the power industry’s many unique material characteristics, we’ve solved complex fuel delivery challenges by working in partnership with our customers. And we are committed to continuing this focus on partnerships to help companies like yours improve efficiency while increasing output and profitability. Accurate fuel flow and the resulting improved control of NOx emissions are crucial for the modern power plant. With...

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Power industries - 8

MULTIDOS® HPG Gravimetric Belt Feeders Why the MULTIDOS® HPG Feeder? The MULTIDOS® High Pressure Gravimetric (HPG) Feeder is the next generation in our long line of feeder models. Stock, a member of the Schenck Process Group has retained the proven gravimetric feeding technology which has been providing reliable and accurate performance in power plants since the 1950’s. This dependable technology coupled with updated design elements makes the MULTIDOS® HPG feeder the prime choice for various material feeding solutions. Why Gravimetric? Because of its non-homogenous nature, coal properties...

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Power industries - 9

FUEL-YARD STORAGE & HANDLING MULTIRAIL® Train Weighing Dynamic railway scale for all wagon types Legal-for-trade accuracy No foundation No rail gap Fully automatic operation Very quick installation Static/dynamic platform weighbridges also available IntraBulk® Truck Unloading Receiving buffer hopper and apron feeder as link to the continuous process Suitable for various products Dust extraction systems Quick and safe operation Bulk Screening Coal classifying or dewatering Long years experience based on own engineering, fabrication and service Wear-optimised design

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Power industries - 10

FUEL-YARD STORAGE & HANDLING TEDO Conveyors Bulk Conveying £ Tube Belt Conveyor £ Corrugated Belt Conveyor £ Smooth material handling Bulk Conveying £ Horizontal transport and elevating £ Maintenance optimised design £ For various bulk materials Outdoor Stacking and Conveying £ Fixed and Radial stackers

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Power industries - 11

BOILER FEEDING MULTIBELT Belt Weighing Precise mass flow measurement Standard and tailor-made design Accuracy up to ±0,25 % Optional legal-for-trade execution Volumetric Feeders Belt or MoveMaster® chain type feeders Explosion pressure containment to 3.5 barg Length & sizes to suit application Compact designs for restricted areas. Capacities up to 150 t/hr MultiFlex Gravimetric Screw Feeder Flexible screw weighfeeder in dust-tight, enclosed design Suitable for all kinds of alternative fuels (explosive and non-explosive) Designed for materials with bulk densities as low as 0.05 t/m3 High...

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Power industries - 12

measuring & controlling pneumatic conveying flow management IDMS Blow-through rotary valve Compact, space-saving design while offering high power density High and constant fill levels thanks to large inlet cross-section and enforced emptying Highly abrasion-resistant wearing parts and long service life Reliable pneumatic conveyance thanks to constant leakage air Robust construction in line with German standard for industry Bunker Gates Sizes to suit all bunker outlet configurations Round, square or rectangular inlets Manual or powered operation. Contact parts in stainless steel Can be...

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