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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems Negative Pressure Pneumatic Conveyors for Process Loading and Refilling Schenck process MoveMaster 3

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Schenck Process Group - Your Partner Worldwide Acting locally to support your needs the Schenck Process Group is working where you are. With a global network of sites and competent partners, the name Schenck Process is synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and well-engineered measuring technology for industrial weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology. Our key skills include planning processes, feeding bulk materials, controlling flows of material, recording flows of goods, weighing goods and automating transport processes. Members...

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Schenck Process Does It All. From onsite surveys to design, build and installation Our key benefits Significant increase in productivity Environmental sustainability of the processes High system availability, reliability, and performance Low operating costs and maintenance Greater process control Cleaner and dust free working environment Cost savings through process efficiencies Flexibility to integrate with exicting and emerging technologies Comprehensive aftercare service and spares availability A wealth of experience to form close working relationships Vacuum conveying systems offer a...

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems Part of the Overall Solution Schenck Process offers a broad range of proven process technology and proprietary equipment, all designed to maximise operating efficiency and minimise cost in use: Pneumatic Conveying (dense phase positive and negative pressure systems) Dynamic Weighing Equipment including Loss in Weight Feeders Air Filtration Equipment and Systems Industrial Vacuum Cleaning (centralised, fixed and mobile systems) Valves for Controlling the Flow of Bulk Materials Schenck Process Vacuum Conveying technology is used throughout the Food,...

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Schenck Process provides systems that meet with the most stringent requirements, including: Contamination Free Transfer of Materials Stainless Steel Construction for Equipment/Material Contact Parts Easy Clean Surfaces, Crack & Crevice Free Especially Suitable in Meeting ATEX Legislations Modular Construction - Easy to Dismantle and Reassemble Flexible to Match Process Needs Compliance with EC Regulation No 1935:2004 and CE compliant Complete material handling processes from big bag or sack deliveries to product manufacture can be supplied. Schenck Process MoveMaster® Vac 5

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems Main Components of a Vacuum Conveying System From pick-up device to piping to receivers and vacuum pumps. Schenck Process offers a wide range of equipment for your pneumatic conveying needs. Material Pick-up From simple suction wands for free flowing materials to fully fluisized feed bins, silo pick-up pots or bag dump stations with pre-feeders for powders. Conveying Line Connecting one or multiple material pick up stations to a vacuum receiver. To ensure blockage-free conveying, diverter valves and line clearance valves are available in addition to...

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems - 7

The MoveMaster® Vac Conveying System is available in a range of shapes to suit the varying flow properties of different materials:- Standard unit, Tube hopper, Regular and Mini, in sizes ranging from 2ltr to 150ltr capacity. Unlike most vacuum conveying suppliers, Schenck Process has a range of filter cleaning configurations and filter media to ensure that the most effective filter is chosen for each application. The MoveMaster® Vac Conveying System is completed by adding a vacuum source to provide the motive air. There are options for the vacuum source depending upon application parameters...

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems - 8

MoveMaster® Vac Industry Application Food Industry The most common vacuum conveying requirement in the food industry is conveying ingredients from sacks or bulk bags into the various process steps within a food production facility and for the finished products are also transported to filling and packaging machines. MoveMaster® Vac Conveying System can be provided to meet the hygienic demands (EHEDG, FDA, USDA) of the food processing industry. The systems are able to handle materials with explosive dust properties and can be provided with appropriate explosion protection systems necessary to...

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems - 9

Chemical Industry The chemical industry handles large volumes of aggressive materials that are abrasive, corrosive and sometimes hazardous. MoveMaster®Vac conveyors work with an enclosed vacuum system that ensures the highest level of material containment for the operator whilst at the same time being highly robust and durable to withstand operating Conveyors are available to handle materials with explosive dust properties to meet the requirements of the ATEX Plastics Industry The plastics industry includes a wide variety of suitable applications for handling main materials and additives...

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems - 10

MoveMaster® Vac Typical Application Single Line For Multi Pick Up and Multi Destination Indirect Blender Load (Blenders Unable to Take Vacuum) Multi Material Weigher with Totaliser Single Line Pick Up For Multi Destination Basic System for Local Pick Up Multi Material Pick Up For Single Destination In Line or Vacuum Assisted Sieving Direct Double Cone Blender Load with Fines Return Confirmation of Batch Weight Explosion Relief Systems for Potentially Hazardous Materials Inert Gas Conveying for Hazardous Materials

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MoveMaster® Vac Vacuum Conveying Systems - 11

Complete solutions for your requirements Looking for after-sales solutions? Our extensive Process Advanced Service System (PASS) provides you with after sales services - Customised to your specific requirements. The framework of our PASS program is designed with you in mind. With the guidance of our experienced after-sales team, you can create PASS packages comprising original spare and wear parts, various services and high quality components to meet your needs. PASS is based on a modular principle - you can pick and choose any individual PASS product or a combination thereof. 4 categories...

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