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MCPP - 1

For cleaner coal at lower cost – Modular Coal Preparation Plant Modular Coal Preparation Plant Classification, cleaning and dewatering

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MCPP - 2

World class coal preparation Proven at the world’s most demanding plants Every year around 10 million tons of raw coal are freed of impurities with the help of Schenck Process coal washing plants – our contribution to environmentally friendly energy production. Schenck Process Modular Coal Preparation Plants (MCPPs) help you realize high process efficiency with low investment thanks to their flexible design, modular construction, short project implementation time, scalable equipment and easy maintenance. We cater for the requirements of various coal categories, including steam, coking and...

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MCPP - 3

Maximizing uptime for complete peace of mind In coal preparation, you simply cannot afford downtime and subsequent lost output. Therefore our Process Advanced Service System (PASS) gives you complete peace of mind with a comprehensive after-sales service covering repair, maintenance, management and support. All customized to your specific requirements. The framework of our PASS program is designed with you in mind. With the guidance of our experienced after-sales team, you can create PASS packages comprising original spare and wear parts, various services and high quality components to meet...

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MCPP - 4

Modular for a reason: No challenge is too great The Schenck Process MCPP solution is modular for a reason: it scales up to match your changing production requirements. And it combines a variety of approaches to maximize quality and throughput: •• Advanced techniques for heavy medium (HM) and fine coals separation •• Flexible and comprehensive process to suit the application and the equipment modules •• Highly scalable •• Delivers stable product quality •• Highly efficient preparation using heavy medium separation •• Compact footprint •• Profess

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MCPP - 5

Indonesia KEL CPP Type Capacity Processing Features 5.0 million tons/year two product HM cyclone, slime spirals no exterior structure is required considering local climate conditions and to minimize cost steam coal CPP 31.0 million tons/year coarse coal HM bath, fine coal two product HM cyclone, coarse slimes TBS and tailings slurry filtering the largest CPP in the world Type steam coal CPP Capacity 12.0 million tons/year Processing coarse coal HM bath, fine coal two product HM cyclone, fine coal spiral separators and tailings slurry filtering Features Won the "Model Project Award"...

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MCPP - 6

Reduced capital costs Schenck MCPP costs between 10-20% less than traditional preparation plants using similar equipment Advanced techniques Heavy medium and fine coal separation processing Advanced design It is the advanced design concept, proven design procedure that reduce the cost of construction and production Flexible and comprehensive process Arrange the MCPP to suit the process and equipment modules according to the different requirement of thermal, coking and anthracitic coal Highly efficient preparation Heavy medium preparation efficiency is up to 98% while recycling efficiency is...

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MCPP - 7

Scalability The flexible design of Schenck Process MCPP means you can add modules to improve the feed system or preparation process based on changing coal quality conditions Compact MCPP footprint size Optimal and compact design, allowing our plant to reduce space requirements by 50 % compared to conventional washery plants of the same capacity Simple basic treatment 200 mm – 300 mm concrete High performance Advanced design equipment, with low noise, low maintenance requirements and optimal performance Shorter project construction time From fabrication in the workshop to erection at site,...

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MCPP - 8

Individual solutions for the most extreme conditions Coal mining and coal preparation requires technology and materials capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. Schenck Process solutions prevail where others give up. Our products are durable, indestructible and extremely reliable under the most difficult conditions. LinaClass® SLG/SLK/SLS Linear vibrating screens • Widths up to 4,500 mm • Lengths up to 11,500 mm • DF exciters • Single, double and triple deck designs LinaClass® SLO Banana screens • Multi-slope designs for the highest fines recovery • Widths up to 4,500 mm •...

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MCPP - 9

DF exciters •• Economic and powerful exciter for high performance •• Long service life and extremely calm operation •• Minimum maintenance requirements •• Optimum, application-orientated graduation of exciters •• Low operation noise level •• 98 % availability •• Ideal for use in continuous operation Screen panels •• Panels made from highly wearresistant polyurethane, system panels and steel panels •• Maximum dimensional accuracy through mechanical rework •• Shore hardnesses of 55 to 90 Shore A Vibrating feeder •• Straight or diverging pan •• Directed-force exciters •• Reliable and

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MCPP - 10

Centrifuge Raw material acquisition via separation •• Twin preload bearing arrangement •• Multiple centrate discharge chutes •• Split inlet chute •• Shaft assembly extraction system •• Average feed moisture 18-25 % •• Average product moisture 5-9 % •• Feed rates up to 500 t/h possible Fine Coal Slurry Separator •• Raw Coal Processing •• Efficient alternative for fine coal processing •• Low cost plant capacity upgrade •• Spiral replacement •• Spiral Product Upgrading •• Increase plant yield by producing a lower ash fines product •• Froth Flotation Tailings Retreatment •• Recover fine coal...

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MCPP - 11

Heavy Medium Vessel •• Feed size: 200~6 mm (Max. size <300 mm) •• Conveyor flight width: 1372 mm (54’’) •• Overflow weir width: 7315 mm (24’) •• Tailor made to your need FulFiller® W Train loading system •• Feed rate up to 6,000 t/h for coal and up to 12,000 t/h for iron ore •• Suitable also for other bulk materials •• Turn-key supply •• High process safety, availability and operational reliability MULTIRAIL® TrainLoadOut Dynamic weighing of rail vehicles •• Increased average wagon load •• Optimised loading performance – no overload •• Improved rail logistics efficiency •• Management of...

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