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Utilisation of Space that Maximises Profit we make processes work

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Introduction Schenck Process Group, are leading providers of feeding, automation and bulk solids handling solutions. With a global network of sites and competent partners, the name Schenck Process is synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and well-engineered measuring technology for industrial weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology. Our philosophy is based on... O Continuous product development O Best practice approach to applications O Raising industry standards Capabilities Single machine Multiple machines System...

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Flat Store or Silo? The use of a flat store is virtually self selecting when considered against a number of criteria. $ High throughput volume. $ Throughput of different types and qualities of product. O The need to keep them segregated. $ Storage characteristics of the material which make it difficult and or expensive to reclaim material from silos. $ The photograph shows how the material 'stands up' and creates almost vertical walls illustrates this point. Q Cost, where floor space is not a problem then the flat store provides an economic solution as opposed to the alternative silo...

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MaxiStore ® Economic Filling of Bulk Flat Stores Flat Store Building Design Design ‘A’ Traditional buildings used for bulk storage consist of a portal or ‘A’ frame type building see design A - with high apex roof having a tendency to restrict its width. The high apex roof is required to accommodate the overhead belt conveyor systems, comprising a conveyor fitted into the apex of the roof with a tripper type discharge or a reversible shuttle type. A major disadvantage is the dust nuisance as the product drops from the roof level, which may demand the fitting of an expensive discharge chute...

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MaxiStore ® En-Masse Bridge Conveyor Distribution System Store Reclaim MaxiStore® is the The most significant component of the En-Masse Conveyor that sits within the bridge structure. This form of conveyor offers two unique features: It is fitted with multiple outlets, at close pitch along its full length. This allows material that is discharging from the first outlet to build up to the extent that it blocks the outlet. The material in the conveyor then flows across the top of the material already in the first outlet to the next outlet and discharges. Thereafter as the material builds up in...

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Benefits of the MaxiStore® $ Maximises storage space within flat store buildings. $ Cost effective compared with other storage methods. $ Fitted within traditional and common forms of structural buildings. $ Employs only well proven forms of equipment. $ Installation is quick and easy. $ High environmental status and features. $ Fully automated. $ Low level of operational and maintenance staff required. $ Single or multiple material storage readily achieved. $ Simple form of reclaim direct to road vehicles.

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FloMaster® Circular Bin Discharger O Fitted beneath circular silos or bins O Positive discharge of difficult materials O No bridging or blockage at the silo outlet O Compact construction O Versatile in material control O Single, Two or Three Stage units O Totally enclosed O Safe/good access for maintenance IntraBulk® Bulk Reception Unit O Above ground intake O Feed from road vehicle or loader O Fast vehicle turn around time ^ Can act as a buffer store O Controlled discharge into process O Modular heavy duty construction O Quick installation & commissioning FulFiller® Container Loader...

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08.13 All information is given without obligation. All specifications are subject to change. BV-P 9007 GB Schenck Process is the global market leader of solutions in measuring and process technologies in industrial weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology. Schenck Process develops, manufactures and markets a full range of solutions, products and turnkey systems on the basis of combining process engineering expertise, reliable components and field-proven technology. Schenck Process UK Limited Carolina Court, Lakeside Doncaster, DN4 5RA United Kingdom...

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