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Save time and money by automating logistics.A simple and logical solution. we make >

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Problem-free and efficient production processes are keys to a wellorganised flow of goods. The material needed must be available at the right time, at the right place and in just the right quantity.LOGiQ > is a logistics solution for the bulk materials and cargo industry.It automates all procedures from ordering through to shipment. LOGiQ > ή controls the flows of goods to and from the production processes. It also ensures that data is exchanged between the process and commercialsystems in a fully automated manner.LOGiQ > LOGiQ is middleware forautomating the planning andloading of bulk...

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 3

24-hour loading during and after regular working hours Faster loading thanks to accurately defined processes Instructions made available automatically and immediately Electronic data input and printout without no delays Automatic exchange of data with various host systems Simple, self-explanatory user interface for smooth operation Tamper-proof loading Avoidance of incorrect loadings and mixed quality levels Zero-maintenance components Dialogue guide available in relevant language > Defined work processes supplement one another seamlessly Faultless documentation Flexible design, tailored to...

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 4

Turn incredible potential savingsinto reality!Assure quality avoid mistakes!Flexible, compatible - your linkto the future! Perfect-fit solutions that payback! Efficiently raise qualitystandards! When transporting products by truck, rail or ship, more and more well-known companies are putting their trust in LOGiQ > ֮ . The logistics solutionfeatures state-of-the-art modules with a flexible configuration, forming a chain that pays off in many respects.All processes are efficiently synchronised with one another. Clear, secure comprehensible at all times. Mistakes are avoided and the logistics...

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 5

Load with peace of mind. It's worth it. Material and weight monitoring means no loss ofquality or damages for incorrect loading. Even darkness isn't a problem. LOGiQ > makes operations possible 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Simple and efficient loading evenwhen the plant is shut. >

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 6

Alongside obvious attributes like stability and flexibility, LOGiQ > is thefirst such product suitable for any operating system. Its Java-based programming means that LOGiQ > ή can be used regardless of theoperating system.One key feature is that areas of work can be split up with no negativeimpact. Totally disconnecting the layers of data ensures that databases and views are fully independent. LOGiQ > gives you a whole new scopefor designing your customer portals.By using web browser technologies, LOGiQ Flexible Scalable > ή makes proprietarysoftware installation a thing of the past....

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 7

LOGiQ > AccessManager Controls the points for accessing the premises when theplant is both manned and unmanned. LOGiQ > ή ParkManager > Efficient utilisation of the loading and unloading points without queues building up or points lying empty. LOGiQ LOGiQ > ή from Schenck Process. A logistics system, featuringstate-of-the-art modules with a flexible configuration thatdelivers a perfect logistics process chain.Virtually any system size can be handled thanks to theconsistent orientation towards distributed system modules. However, consistent management of user rights was used right from the...

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 8

Data management Handle planning on your standard PC systems.Integrated in an existingnetwork. Can be extended inany way. All order planning is handled bythe driver. Simple menu-guided touch screen operation. PC systemSelf Dispatching Selfdispatch terminal >

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LOGIQ - The new generation in automated shipping processes - 9

Recording the number ofbags. Registration of palletsadded and removed. Simple menu-guided touchscreen operation. Information boards showwhere or when to enter forloading or unloading. The contact-free ID card opens gates and barriers. Every step is logged with time and date. Information boards Bag material Access terminalParking spacemanagement Mobile touch panel > Traffic lights, barriers, ultrasonic sensors and induction loops point out the right way to go. Traffic management Legal-for-trade weighing atthe entrance and exit, or at the loading point itself.The new DISOMAT The same...

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