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LinaClass® screens – They run. And they run. And ... Schenck Process – Experts in vibratory equipmen

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Our solutions Schenck Process LinaClass® screens fulfil all these requirements perfectly. They can handle the largest quantities of materials and classify them to a high level of accuracy. Driven by robust DF force exciters, they are specially adapted to the widest range of requirements. Benefits Ease of maintenance, long working life, maximum availability, reliable and consistent quality. Schenck Process is synonymous with dynamically developing and manufacturing vibratory equipment. Around 90 years of experience, superlative quality, outstanding technology and an extensive customer...

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LinaClass® linear vibrating screens The classic version for the classification of all bulk solids suitable for screening. All common screen panels can be used. LinaClass® SLG Single-deck linear vibrating screens LinaClass® SLX Single-deck linear vibrating screens LinaClass® SLK Double-deck linear vibrating screens LinaClass® banana screens This machine takes its name from the banana-like arrangement of the screen panels. This enables the screening of larger quantities of material with a high content of fine particles. The advantage in comparison to the conventional screening machine: a much...

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HuckBolted construction Over 1000 HuckBolts® in the sideplates but no welds, the sideplate has no residual welding stress and no material discontinuities to compromise the fatigue strength of the machine. This important feature contributes to the exceptionally long service life typical of Schenck Process machines. Economical, smooth running The Directional Force Exciter ranges from Schenck Process make the ideal drivers for linear motion vibrating screens. Oil lubrication and optimised roller bearing and gear pairing ensure smooth running, longer exciter working life, resulting in...

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Maintenance-free Maintenance-free shafts between exciters mean more production and less downtime. Tuned for optimum productivity Schenck Process drive systems are designed to allow us to tune the run speed of your machine for optimum performance. Thicker deck rails Schenck Process machines are designed to carry the weight of ultra heavy duty deck media with extra high sideliners. This means longer service life, less maintenance and a lower production cost per tonne. Screen panels In order to perfectly adapt screening machines to individual challenges, Schenck Process has developed the...

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schenckprocess The Schenck Process Group is a global leader in weighing and feeding technology III screening and separation systems for bulk materials III dust collection and air filtration technology III pneumatic and mechanical conveying solutions III automation and diagnostic technology we make processes work © Schenck Process GmbH, 2014 BV-P 2120 GB 250.09-14 dik AI1 informati°n is given without °bligation.

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