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of making processes work Schenck Process Fill-level Measuring Devices and Bin Weighers. High precision and efficiency.

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Fill-level Measuring Devices. Bin Weighers. Highly accurate maintenance-free systems that can be placed anywhere along the production line. You will find Schenck Process fill-level measuring devices and bin weighers where the exact weight of material in silos, bins, mixers or reactors needs to be determined. These devices are used in the food industry with its stringent sanitary and protection requirements; in hazardous areas in the chemical industry and in industrial environments where bin weighers have to meet high standards for dustexplosive atmospheres. Maintenance-free in nearly every...

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Easy to integrate with highly accurate results The compact unit consists of a load cell and mount designed for simple integration into the bin support. The advantage is that the mount compensates for the forces created by internal stirring systems. Weighing is recorded outside the bin without product contact, thus eliminating any influence that product characteristics might have had on the result. Function The fill level data can be communicated to the customer's control system in various ways e.g. analog or digital. Extremely accurate - even at the extremes Reactor bins or mixers with high...

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For All Standards. For Every Task-No Matter How Special. Weighing sensors. Developed by the scale experts. Whether you need conventional solutions for regular tasks or want to weigh something in a difficult location, Schenck Process provides you with everything you need: from standard units to weighing sensors that can turn practically anything into a scale. Accuracies range from ±0.05% to the highest-precision legal-for-trade C5 and C4 Mi-7.5 (±0.01%). We can provide the accuracy that meets your needs. For container silos from 30 kg small bins to 25 t mixing vessels and from 1 t to 1,000 t...

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Benefits Galore: $ Compact, robust design for secure and fast installation & Insensitive to dynamic loads ❖ Maintenance-free compact mounts without tie-rods $ Highly accurate and legal-for-trade weighing in any environment & 24/7 service O RTN load cells: Test certificate for legal-for-trade use in the EU, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, South Africa, Australia and China. Other countries available upon request. Options and Additional Peripherals: ❖ Varying cable lengths ❖ Explosion-proof versions with ATEX registration for hazardous areas (gas/dust) O Specially adapted corrosion...

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DISOMAT ® Opus. Made to Measure. Great value at the cutting edge of technology. The latest member of the acclaimed DISOMAT® family proves that legal-for-trade logistics solutions do not have to be expensive. It’s compact, legal-for-trade and equipped with state-of-the-art processor and fieldbus technology. At the same time, this surprisingly powerful component is an ideal solution for all simple logistics applications. The cost-effective solution for legal-for-trade applications: DISOMAT® Opus The basic solution that pays off in legal-for-trade and standard applications. It captures weight...

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Compact Thanks to the built-in calibration memory, you do not have to create and file legal-for-trade references on paper. Convenient (operation from a PC) With the DISOPLAN Opus configuration software, you can conveniently parameterise and adjust the devices from a PC with a serial or Ethernet interface. ❖ Format print forms: Configure print forms easily and quickly on the PC O Diagnostics / weigh recording: any time scale Triggerable Autoscaling Evaluate the signals in Excel Smart The parameters of the scale, including the adjustment data, are stored in the connector plug of the load cell...

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Smart, Clever and Cost-effective. DISOBOX® The key to digital weighing. When a successful product with new features takes the market by surprise, you are bound to benefit from it. Schenck Process’ DISOBOX® takes the mechatronic scale to a whole new level and integrates easily into the scale. At the same time, it sets new standards for convenience, compatibility and versatility. DISOBOX® transforms a conventional analog scale into a digital scale for process applications and legal-for-trade solutions. When combined with DISOMAT® evaluation devices or the DISOVIEW-E software, it can produce...

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A Smart Solution: Local evaluation electronics protected to IP 65 Separate measurements from up to 8 load cells or weighing systems Synchronous data acquisition (no multiplexer) Digital corner balancing Flexible use of various load cell types and makes Monitoring of individual load cells or load cell groups = early failure detection State-of-the-art communication modules (Profibus, Devicenet, Ethernet) Active components can be replaced without loss of calibration or gauging Serial or fieldbus transmission Process control system Eliminate up to seven electronic weighing devices. Being an...

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Our Service. Count on Us. Worldwide. Engineering Let Schenck Process put its expertise to work for you with both individual components and entire systems. In addition to our field-proven off-the-shelf products, we can custom-design solutions just for you. Count on us for assistance with planning your weighing system application from the start of the project. We can even review and validate your mechanical drawings to make sure they meet accepted engineering standards. Supply us with your 3D system design and we can advise you on force shunts and accuracy issues. After-Sales Service Quality...

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