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Unshakable. Under the harshest conditions. Competence in cement, gypsum, sand & gravel

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Schenck Process Group – your partner worldwide Acting locally to support your needs, the Schenck Process Group is working where you are. With a global network of Locations and competent partners, the name Schenck Process is synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and wellengineered measuring technology for industrial weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology. Our core competencies include feeding bulk materials, controlling flows of material, weighing goods, recording flows of goods, automating transport processes and planning processes...

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Cement industry - 3

Individual solutions for the most extreme conditions The harsher the environmental conditions, the more resilient the technical systems must be. This particularly applies to industries such as cement and gypsum production. Schenck Process Group offers these industries a wide range of reliable systems and sound application know-how. Our products and applications provide control of continuous material flows; continuous weighing and feeding systems for coarse bulk materials, powders, dusts, fossil fuels and alternative fuels; screening technology; vibratory and volumetric mechanical feeding...

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Cement industry - 4

Cement production First the raw material for making the cement is broken up in a crusher. LinaClass® linear vibrating screens increase the effectiveness of the system by allowing pieces of the right size to bypass the crusher. From here the material moves to the storage area, where the crushed stone is stored and homogenised in mixing beds. The mixture required to make a high-quality raw meal is mixed with MULTIDOS® weighfeeders and ground in ball or bowl mill crushers. The weighfeeders, which are precisely matched to the properties of the material, ensure smooth discharge from the silos....

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Cement industry - 5

transport of the material to the main burner and calciner is also engineered by Schenck Process. The clinker is then cooled to around 200 °C and weighed en route to the storage bins. Alternative fuels such as fluff, sewage sludge and biomass are used as additional fuel sources. We offer complete solutions and components for highly accurate feeding of these materials. In the final step the clinker is mixed with gypsum and other additives to make the finished cement. MULTIDOS® weighfeeders ensure the precision of the mix. It is then transported to the terminals for loading on to road or rail...

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Cement industry - 6

Efficient, economical and reliable at every stage of the process Schenck Process in the cement industry The main components of cement are limestone, clay and marl. From the quarry they are transported to a crusher system, where they are broken up. At this stage, products and applications from Schenck Process already come into play. LinaClass® linear vibrating screens, for example, increase the effectiveness of the crusher. And that's just the beginning. From raw meal and clinker production to the high-quality final product, Schenck Process measuring and feeding technology plays a starring...

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Cement industry - 7

Continuous mix preparation for cement production To meet the quality requirements of the cement industry, there are two stages at which accurate mix preparation is essential. Firstly, the right relative amounts of raw materials need to be used, and secondly, special cements require the accurate addition of additives. Mix preparation is handled by MULTIDOS® weighfeeders. Whether the material is sticky or free-flowing, whether feeding kilograms or tonnes, there is a suitable weighfeeder for every requirement. Alternative fuels Reducing energy costs is a top priority for every company. To...

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Cement industry - 8

GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING MULTIDOS® Weighfeeder •• For bulk solids with very diverse properties •• Feed rate up to 1,500 t/h •• Accuracy up to ± 0.25 % •• MechaTronic design with integrated electronics •• Belt width from 650 mm up to 2,000 mm GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING MULTIDOS® VDP Apron weighfeeder •• For difficult-to-extract bulk solids •• Temperature range up to 250 ºC •• Feed rate up to 1,000 t/h •• Direct weighing technology •• MechaTronic design with integrated electronics •• Belt width from 1,000 mm up to 2,000 mm •• Extraction moment up to 16,000 Nm GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING MultiFlex Gravimetric...

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Cement industry - 9

GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING MechaTron® Coni-Flex Loss-in-weight-feeder •• For powders, granulates, chips and fibres •• Special design for ferrous sulfate available •• Volumetric or gravimetric bulk solids feeding •• Feed hopper with flexible wall •• Feed accuracy better than ± 0.5 % •• Feed rate up to 32,000 dm3/h GRAVIMETRIC FEEDING MULTICOR® K / MULTICELL MC •• Measuring system based on Coriolis principle •• Unaffected by outside influences •• For coal with very diverse properties •• Explosion-proof up to 10 bar, arrests flame transmission •• Accuracy ± 0.5 %, feed consistency ± 1 % •• Feed rate...

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Cement industry - 10

FEEDING /WEIGHING FEEDING / WEIGHING MULTICOR® R • Measuring system based on Coriolis principle • Unaffected by outside influences • For dust and meal with very diverse properties • Dust-proof design • Weighing module with wireless data transmission • Accuracy ± 0.5 % • Feed rate up to 800 m3/h (600 t/h) for rotary kiln capacity of 10,000 t/day • Forms gravimetric feeding system by use of metering hoppers, tailored to bulk solids requirements MULTISTREAM® G • Uses the deflection chute measuring principle • For dust and meal with very diverse properties • Dust-proof housing • Feed rate up...

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Cement industry - 11

GRAVIMETRIC WEIGHING MULTIBELT® Belt weigher •• For all kinds of bulk solids •• Accuracy up to ± 0.25 % •• Feed rate up to 20,000 t/h •• Belt width from 500 mm up to 2,000 mm •• Suitable for use in ATEX zones •• Design for clinker measurement in bucket conveyor systems available •• Legal-for-trade model available GRAVIMETRIC WEIGHING WEIGHING ELECTRONICS MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight Train weighing •• Dynamic railway scale for all wagon types •• Legal-for-trade accuracy •• No foundation •• No rail gap •• Fully automatic operation •• Very quick installation •• Static/dynamic platform weighbridges...

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