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The Capabilities of Stock Power, BMH, Environmental and Customer Service Powering Industry Forward

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Stock Equipment Company’s reputation as a world-renowned leader in dependable, heavy-duty bulk material handling systems can be traced back to the 1920s. Back then, we pioneered en-masse conveying by manufacturing elevators and conveyors for the grain industry. Stock quickly became a world-wide leader serving the power industry with our coal feed systems. Before long, we were supplying complete bulk material handling and environmental system solutions for a wide range of industries around the entire globe.

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Stock: The Company Powering industry forward with the world’s most trusted and dependable bulk material handling and environmental systems. Stock’s acquisition by Schenck Process and Stock's previous acquisitions of Redler Limited and Solvera (Forry) Controls have transformed Stock into a global force in the bulk material handling and power plant equipment markets. We now have tens of thousands of equipment installations in nearly 100 countries. From chain conveyors, elevators, environmental controls and belt feeders to valves, and truck intake and storage systems, Stock's growing portfolio...

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Power Products No matter what your facility or boiler type, Stock delivers superior reliability and accuracy in raw material feed and handling. Even with the power industry’s many unique material characteristics, we’ve solved complex fuel delivery challenges by working in partnership with our customers. And we’re committed to continuing this focus on partnerships, to help companies like yours improve efficiency while increasing output and profitability. Stock has designed and manufactured shut-off valves for a variety of materials and for a wide range of operating conditions. Accurate fuel...

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Bulk Material Handling Systems With the most trusted brands in the industry, Stock offers a diverse range of bulk material handling systems, equipment and components to cover almost any need. From conveyors to chain links, valves and beyond, our products are unsurpassed at delivering rock-solid, reliable performance. And no matter what industry you’re in, chances are we’ve got the experience you need. Here are just a few of the industries we help keep rolling: power, coal, limestone, biomass and renewable energy, chemicals, minerals, grain, woodchips and board, food processing, plastics,...

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Environmental Systems Stock’s Forry line was the first to introduce digital controls for electrostatic precipitators over 25 years ago. Forry innovation continues today with our full line of modern voltage controls, rapper controls and T/R sets. Forry’s rapper control system and automatic voltage controls work together to optimize precipitator performance. Forry’s Windows software suite provides remote control, monitoring and troubleshooting of your ESP from anywhere in the plant. Forry T/R sets are custom designed to be high quality, drop in replacements of your existing electrostatic...

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Customer Service Working closely with technical and production specialists from diverse industries, we’ve created support programs to ensure year after year of efficient, reliable performance. Because we design, manufacture, install and commission all our products, we have the expertise it takes to back our equipment with a lifetime of support. From genuine Stock replacement parts, on-site service engineers and field service support to managing complete turnkey projects, Stock has you covered. And with our PASS program, we’ve taken customer support to a whole new level. The most flexible...

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07.2007 · All information is given without obligation. All specifications are subject to change. BV-P6378GB Stock Equipment Company is the global market leader of solutions for the power industry, supplying complete bulk material handling and environmental system solutions. Stock Equipment Company, Inc. 16490 Chillicothe Road Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 T+1 440.543.6000 F+1 440.543.5944 © by Stock Equipment Company, 2007 Stock Equipment Company develops, manufactures and markets a full range of solutions, products and systems on the basis...

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