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SYSTEM 2012-2014 Catalogo.aspx Click&Go ZP00840-GB-1 SYSTEM GENERAL C ATALOGUE ScameOnLine SCAME PARRE S.p.A. VIA COSTA ERTA, 15 24020 PARRE (BG) ITALY TEL. +39 035 705000 FAX +39 035 703122 2012-2014

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electrical solutions

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SYSTEM GENERAL CATALOGUE Index 1 PAGE 26 TECHNICAL SHEETS INDEX BY PRODUCT NUMBER ATEX GENERAL CATALOGUE DEFINITION OF SYMBOLS PAGE 408 PAGE 562 PAGE 574 3 DOMESTIC 4 2 PAGE 204 2.1 Distribution assemblies PAGE 214 Adaptors for industrial applications PAGE 246 Cable reels for industrial applications PAGE 260 3.1 Installation accessories PAGE 272 Wire connecting accessories PAGE 288 Conduit installation accessories PAGE 298 3.4 PAGE 334 Light fittings 3.3 PAGE 270 PAGE 186 3.2 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CATALOGUE Switch-disconnectors 2.3 ASSEMBLIES PAGE 16 PAGE 126 2.2 ACCESSORIES PAGE 14 COMPANY...

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Illustrated Index 1.1 PLUGS AND SOCKETS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS | EUREKA Series | IEC309 Series from page 38 from page 39 COMBI Series | OPTIMA-EX Series | EUREKA-HD Series | DOMO Series from page 42 from page 74 from page 80 | DOMOPLUS Series | LIBERA Series from page 81 from page 84 1.2 INTERLOCKED SWITCH SOCKET OUTLETS I OMNIAPLUS Series | OMNIA Series from page 90 from page 92 I OMNIA System | ADVANCE2 Series from page 98 from page 102 |M 1.3 EMPTY ENCLOSURES FOR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT I ADVANCE2 System I ADVANCE-GRP | ADVANCE-GRP from page 110 Series System from page 114 from page...

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Illustrated Index 2.1 DISTRIBUTION ASSEMBLIES 1 MEGA Series DOMINO Series BLOCK Series from page 218 INDUSTRIAL MBOX Series from page 226 from page 228 from page 236 GOMMA Series TRANSFORMER Series page 242 SALVAMOTORE Series ScameOnLine from page 244 page 243 Discover the new application directly on the web, COMBI FINDER You will quickly find an assemblies already assembled, certified and ready to use. 2 ASSEMBLIES 2.2 ADAPTORS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS ADAPTO Series from page 248 ACCESSORIES 3 2.3 CABLE REELS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS AUTORELLER Series...

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Illustrated Index 3.1 INSTALLATION ACCESSORIES 1 TIES Series FIXO Series CABLO Series FASTY Series from page 274 INDUSTRIAL UNION Series from page 278 page 281 page 282-283 page 284-285 RAILDIN Series page 286-287 2 ASSEMBLIES 3.2 CONNECTING ACCESSORIES CONNECTO Series from page 290 3 ACCESSORIES 3.3 CONDUIT INSTALLATION ACCESSORIES SMART Series TUBE Series FIXER Series page 300-301 from page 302 from page 308 3.4 TRUNKING SYSTEMS WADO Series from page 312 DOMESTIC 4 8 9

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Illustrated Index 4.1 PLUGS AND SOCKETS FOR DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS 1 BLUELINE Series UNEL Series page 338-339 INDUSTRIAL AZZURRA Series page 338-339 page 338-339 4.2 ADAPTORS AND MULTI-OUTLET SOCKETS AZZURRA Series BLUELINE Series BLUELINE Series AZZURRA Series TREND Series SICURA Series SPYROS Series from page 342 from page 342 from page 346 from page 347 from page 347 from page 348 from page 355 2 ASSEMBLIES 4.3 DOMESTIC CABLE REELS TRIS Series from page 358 3 ACCESSORIES 4.4 LAMPHOLDERS LUX Series LUX Series from page 364 from page 370 4.5 COMPONENTS FOR TV AND TELEPHONE INSTALLATIONS...

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Thematic index NE W TREND Series PROTECTA Series from page 404 OPTIMA TOP-BASE-COMBI Series OPTIMA-EX Series and OPTIMA-HD Series from page 66 from page 349 from page 42 DOMOPLUS Series OMNIAPLUS Series ADVANCE-GRP Series ALUBOX-EX Series FLAT Series ISOLATORS-EX Series from page 81 from page 90 from page 114 from page 182 from page 164 from page 193 ATEX For more information, see the specific catalogue “ATEX Products” OPTIMA-EX Series ADVANCE-GRP Series ALUBOX-EX Series ZENITH-P Series ISOLATORS-EX Series from page 42 from page 114 from page 182 from page 184 from page 193 OPTIMA Series...

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How to read the catalogue 2012-2014 CATALOGUE TECHNICAL SHEETS (ALPHABETICAL INDEX) TECHNICAL SHEETS (ALPHABETICAL INDEX) CATALOGUE Technical Sheets Catalogue Technical Sheets 14 Catalogue 15

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The company Scame: a growing group Scame was founded amidst the enthusiasm of the Italian economic boom of the 60's and has always pursued its raison d'etre in thriving by improving. Today it is an IN LESS THAN FIFTY YEARS WE HAVE BUILT AN INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS THAT HAS ALWAYS PRESERVED THE SPIRIT OF ITS ORIGINS international industrial group of about 800 people employed in 18 subsidiary and associated companies operating under the parent company headquartered in Parre (Bergamo) in Alta Valle Seriana. Scame has a capillary presence throughout Italy with its own sales agencies and operates...

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electrical solutions Parre (Bergamo) electrical solutions electrical ecluticne electrical BolutionB France United Kingdom Spain Sainte Marie Sur Ouche Tewkesbury Sant Cugat del Valles (Dijon) (Gloucestershire) (Barcelona) %SCRME-UY #SCnMEnRCE.T,.N #5CRME.»9L #SCRME-CZ electrical solutions electrical solutions eJeetrlusf-eolufiions electrical solutions Uruguay Argentina Brasil Czech Republic Montevideo Don Torcuato (Buenos Aires) Sao Paulo (SP) Velke Mezirici electrical eolutione electrical solutions Bosnia Herzegovina Siroki Brieg electrical solutions electrical aolutlona Kamenets Podolsky...

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The catalogue and the internet site Red and white are our company colours and also the colours chosen for this catalogue: the simple elegance of white combined with vivid red, symbol of a dynamic and successful A CATALOGUE DIVIDED INTO 4 SECTIONS WITH OVER 10,000 life. a portal with the primary information, names and addresses of the entire distribution network, the products ITEMS. AN INTERNET SITE and their characteristics. Its internal search WITH VALUABLE INFORMATION engines allow simple and flexible consultation of the information, providing real-time solutions AND...

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Quality Spine e prese per uso domestico THE CONCEPT OF QUALITY IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF In 1993 Scame was among the first Italian companies to obtain the certification of its quality management system according to OUR CULTURE IN ALL ASPECTS AND EVERY ACTIVITY OF UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, renewed in 2002 according to Vision 2000. In 2003 Scame also obtained certification of its environmental OUR WORK. management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 standards which, by activating measures for improvement, continuous controls and appropriate corrective actions, fuels a virtuous circle of...

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