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R 60: Crown-Type Tool Turret from Sauter - 2

Complex or simple work pieces Be it drilling or tapping, milling or boring; precision- type machining has once again ֖ been given a crucial impetus: 170 Series Crown- Type Tool Turrets. They make it possible to machine comp- lex or simple work pieces in minimum chip-to-chip times > A widely diversifiedrange of applications Sauter Crown Type ToolTurrets are designed for medi- um and large-size batch pro- duction. They are ideally suited in machining stations on transfer lines, dial machi- nes and special purpose machinery. These Turrets have been particularly suc- cessful in the automotive,...

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R 60: Crown-Type Tool Turret from Sauter - 3

170 A cutting edge fueled byhigher productivity Up to 8 individual tools or multi-spindle heads per turret Crown-Type Tool Turrets willboost the efficiency of your manufacturing plant: ֖ Quick tool exchange through use of sister tools Greater flexibility provided by simple retooling and set-up features 3 >

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R 60: Crown-Type Tool Turret from Sauter - 5

Collision Tolerant The Crown-Type Turret isprotected by an overload device during indexing The Turret is pre-adjusted and set-up ready for installation֖ No alignment required for the in-built reference position switch Flange or base mounting to the machine slide֖ No axial movement of the Turret drive shaft to accommodate Easy Set-Up Simple Installation External (up to 25 bar) and internal (up to 100 bar) cooling systems are standard ֖ A non-lifting Turret head during operation, preventing any further collision risks Elimination of contamination and associated failure Minimum...

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R 60: Crown-Type Tool Turret from Sauter - 6

Direct Drive ֖ High speeds Highly dynamicand agile֖ Low noise level High torque֖ Standard motor Simple internal cooling supply Belt Drive Dimensions > D O ֢ȅ L F E BC ∅ J N N M H N ∅∅ 45 G K Turret size 0 >

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R 60: Crown-Type Tool Turret from Sauter - 8

170 Excellent Surface Quality,even at high speeds, due to: High-grade precision bearings֖ Quality manufacturing, minimal run-out tolerance and a high-degree of balance Touchless sealing technology High PerformanceMachining ֖ Standard spindle units featuring a design with a greater distance between bearings and tandem bearing configurations Rapid Tool Replacementand Set-Up Modular tool holdingsystems provide a quick and easy tool exchange, flexibility in tool set-up and minimal loss in production. See Product Information PI 25.2 for further details. E-Mail: info@sauter-feinmechanik.com...

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