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The pti working group presents - 1

The pti working group presents 8-fold polygonal tool interface for turning machines

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meets the requirements of flexible production Uniformity, performance and flexibility are the prominent features of the new turret interface pti (polygonal turning interface). As a unified mechanical interface, this solution provides the preconditions for the flexible equipment of modern turning machines with precise, high-performance tool holders and driven tools. The media supply (coolant, air) and the data and energy transfer complete the pti interface. Merkmale Positive locking (polygon) • torsional rigid Data and power transmission • equipped for i4.0 Face contact and clamping system •...

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The pti working group presents - 3

Three pti-sizes 54 42 Face contact 25° Clamping cone at the shank end Coupling with wedge-shaped dihedron Elements of the interface SW 340/280/220 for pti 65/54/42 8-fold tapered polygon 4x mounting thread Data and power transmission Coolant bore Sealing air bore Quick-clamping system

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The pti working group presents - 4

Leading-edge technologies united in pti-interface WTO – holds tight precisely and rotates WTO has developed toolholders with the new pti interface and introduces a program for static tool holders and driven tools in the pti-sizes. Based on the design of the interface polygon, the pti shank and holder body form a precise unit with all the necessary elements for mechanical power transmission and media supply. The tool receivers of the precision tool holders are matched to the pti sizes and make the outstanding performance of the pti interface technologically feasible at the cutting edge....

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The pti working group presents - 5

Sauter – receives and drives Sauter has designed the pti radial turret with a front cover which allows easy mounting of the pti clamping system. The compact design results in a width across flats of only 340 mm for pti65 with a 12-fold turret disc. The turret construction allows both the use of Speed-Drive® and Torque-Drive® technology. Despite the installation of the components in a confined space, a stable turret design has been created, with which the performance of the pti interface can be implemented to 100%. All pathways required for the media supply are integrated as well. A strong...

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The pti working group presents - 6

Peak performance powerful, accurate and cost-efficient Spitzenleistung kraftvoll, genau und wirtschaftlich. Scientific certificate of performance Wissenschaftlicher Leistungsnachweis displacement (µm) at l = 200 mm 
 • 10x higher bending resistance than VDI • higher bending resistance than BMT • 10x higher torsional stiffness than VDI • 5x higher torsional stiffness than BMT VDI BMT pti with ±2µm at 200 mm projecting length • more than 10x as accurate as VDI • double as accurate as BMT kraglänge doppe

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The pti working group presents - 7

Increasing of productivity and reduction of unit costs pti - the turret interface with quick change system ------------------------------------------------------------------------Saving of non-productive time by quick manual tool change pti - the high precision turret interface --------------------------------------------------------------------------Saving of non-productive time by omission of measuring cuts and alignment processes pti -the high loadable turret interface --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Increased productivity through higher...

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The pti working group presents - 8

brings new interface to the market pti-working group

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The pti working group presents - 9

Industry 4.0 development requires an integral view of flexible production systems. The design of uniform mechanical interfaces is just as necessary as the definition of uniform interfaces for the collection and processing of data in the course of digitisation. With the pti interface for tool turrets in turning machines, the pti-working group creates the preconditions for limiting the variety of mechanical tool interfaces and contributes to designing flexible production systems according to requirements. The pti-working group has developed an interface in which mechanics and media supply are...

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The pti working group presents - 10

„Standardization of a uniform coupling for driven tools in turret lathes“ Project REKUNORM • The funding project REKUNORM closes the last gap in the design of the new turret interface. • Ott-Jakob, Sauter, Weisser, WTO and the WZL are developing a uniform DTH coupling for axial and radial applications. • Further tasks in the project are: • Development of the model series (pti 65, 54, 42). • Definition of interfaces for media / energy / data transfer (cooling lubricant, sealing air, electrical contacts). • Series testing in the experimental machine and in the industrial environment. •...

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The pti working group presents - 11

pti-working group Proposed standard After completing the most important development stages of the pti interface, defining a series and demonstrating the performance, the pti-working group has developed a proposal for a standard. The three-part proposal includes the tool shanks (part 1), the tool receivers (part 2) and the couplings for driven tools (part 3). The proposed standard will be submitted in two stages (parts 1 and 2 in 2018, part 3 in 2019) and, with the support of the DIN and VDW committees, transferred directly to a DIN standard. The pti-working group has developed three sizes...

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The pti working group presents - 12

Ott-Jakob: Conrad Rösch / / Tel.: +49 8364 9821-77 Sauter: Matthias Beck / / Tel.: +49 7123 926-219 Weisser: Reiner Jörg / / Tel. +49 7724 881-710 WTO: Karlheinz Jansen / / Tel.: +49 7803 9392-301 WZL: Christian Bergs / / Tel.: +49 241 80-26293

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