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Product information PI 42 Control Unit EK 501 / EK 502 for Tool Turrets 0.5.320.0xx 0.5.473.5xx 0.5.480.2xx 0.5.480.5xx 0.5.6xx.1xx

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NOTE: The information contained in this Projcet Planning Guide is in conformity with the knowledge at the point of printing. Subject to modifications which occur within the framework of continuous further development. The quality of our products can only be guaranteed, if the instructions of this project planning guide are complied with! Detailed data on the control of the control unit are enclosed in our Operating Instructions: BA-831, BA-832, BA-937, BA-945, BA-1016, BA-1101, BA-1102, BA-1103, BA-1104, BA-1105 (avilable upon reques

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Program memory unit (EEPROM) Detachable front panel LED, red: fault in control unit LED, yellow: programming in progress Plug-in terminal (inputs) Adjuster switch (turret size/direction of rotation) LED-display (inputs) Plug-in terminal (supply voltage/outputs) LED-display (outputs)

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Plug-in terminals (inputs) Status displays (inputs) Setting switches (Preselection of position, nominal value with/without parity) Display (number of status or error message) Status displays (outputs) Plug-in terminal (outputs, supply voltage) Status display (yellow: capazity utilization of control unit) Status display (green: RUN) Status display (red: fault in control unit)

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Short description Short description The SAUTER EK 501 / EK 502 control unit is a compact and autonomous control device for SAUTER 0.5.320.0xx/0.5.473.5xx/0.5.480.2xx/0.5.480.5xx/0.5.6xx.1xx -series tool turrets. This control unit makes it possible to achieve and monitor all the functions of the turret without any tool drive, as well as to report possible failures. Tool drive functions/modes are monitored on turrets provided with a tool drive. Advantages • No software development costs for the turret logic. No memory space required in the machine control for the turret logic. Response time <...

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Technical data Technical data EK 501 / EK 502 General Dimension: heigth x width x depth 112 x 90 x 100mm (EK 501) / 112 x 92 x 40mm (EK 502) Power supply: Common reference potential for inputs and outputs: Curret consumtion: max. 300mA without output currents Ambient temperature: Degree of humidity (relative humidity: Testing voltage in-/outputs: according to IEC 801, degree of sharpness 3 Housing, protection type: Controller memory: CMOS-RAM, battery backup EEPROM (EK 501) / Flash memory (EK 502) Battery working life: Mounting type:: snap-on type on top hat rail acc. to DIN EN 50022-35...

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Ordering details control unit EK 501 / 502

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