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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 1

The full spectrum from the innovation factory. Sauter innovation factory: The World turns with us.

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 2

The experts in tool turrets. Sauter innovation factory: The World turns with us. “It was always a dream of mine to produce innovative high-tech products.” Werner Heckmann, Team Manager Direct Drive assembly “I feel good in this cooperative working atmosphere. Responsibility and independent working are asked for.” Alhaji Sesay, Grinding parts manufacturing “It is a joy for me to share my treasure trove of experience with young design engineers.” Heiko Müller and Bernhard Sauter, Managing Directors Günther Schips, Product Development Manager Innovations for maximum ­productivity Ingenious...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 3

“Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it, there are only alibis.” Henry Ford “Here we lay the cornerstone to an occupational career.” Martin Scherrmann, Training Manager Pure commitment At Sauter our customers are always center stage. A fair partnership is our guiding theme. Your satisfaction is the ultimate benchmark for us. Day by day we strive to maintain this goal. David Hsiao, Managing Director, Sauter Asia Co., Ltd. Our expert Global Support team, always there for you when needed. Sauter Asia Dependable, competent and in the shortest...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 4

Tool turrets from Sauter. Overview disc type tool turrets Medium volume High volume Service life Crash resistance Turret drive Locking system Indexing speed Tool drive Blue Series Orange Series High volume High volume motor, single motor Disc Type Tool Turrets To provide you with quick, straight- forward information about our disc turrets, we have divided them into quick reference colors. All offer high precision, rigidity and a repetitive Shortest travels achieved by bi-direc- tional rotation (pivoting angle max. 180 degrees). Increased functional reliability as the tool disc does not lift...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 5

Orange Series The fast ones – Sauter’s synchronous technology. Blue Series Proven thousands of times over. _ Proven reliable time and time again The electromechanical disc type turrets of the blue series – a thousand- _ ompact, highly dynamic Sauter C For the tool turrets of the orange line Sauter has developed a drive sys- _ Simple, electromechanical drive fold proven classic through many years of service. Simple to install and Synchronous Motor for indexing tem for the shortest possible time from chip to chip. This is achieved by _ Straightforward control require no additional media for...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 6

Red Series High-performance turret with single motor system. Direct-Drive High performance turret with direct tool drive. _ igh Torque – Direct Drive for H greater stock removal We take you to highest speeds, economically and efficiently. Our show- _ ingle motor system S A modern turret with strengthened housing and integrated neck making stopper: we have integrated the exceptionally compact high-performance _ verload clutch helps prevent O it particularly suitable for back turning applications. The single motor _ ool speeds up to 12,000 rpm T motor directly into the tool disc. The tools...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 7

High performance for special applications Tool turrets for in-line and rotary transfer machines _ ptimum application for high O performance cutting Crown-type tool turrets Super fast indexing, available with 4, 6 or 8 tool stations and shaped to _ ncreased productivity by the fast I allow maximum clearances between piece part and tooling. exchange of redundant tooling _ igid design for heavy duty R applications Head Type Tool Turrets Our head type turrets are suitable for use on classic heavy-duty vertical _ lectromechanical drive system E for indexing and clamping and flat bed lathes, as...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 8

Sauter rotary table Driven spindle with swiveling base _ ompact design C Complete machining in a single set-up increases precision and reduces _ ugged backlashfree positioning R non-productive times. In this case, the B-axis spindle, in conjunction with of motor spindle and swiveling base _ nfinite variable milling functions I even during the swiveling process _ nfinitely variable high precision I positioning Sauter rotary tables are particularly suitable for machines that perform multi angle processing. They can be used in milling and grinding machi- a tool storage magazine, is the ideal...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 9

Everything from one single source. Tool turrets and Tooling. Twelve reasons to specify Sauter 2 4 1 12 5 3 11 7 6 8 10 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 Highest possible rotational accuracy Qualified datum surface for rapid alignment Optimum pre-loaded bearing con figurations for maximum rigidity Sauter patented high-pressure internal coolant delivery system that can also be used dry High-precision gear train of optimum power and performance Laser etched identification plate with all relevant information 7 8 9 10 11 12 16 Independent external coolant connection Sauter patented “rapid-set” spindle alignment...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 10

Always first choice. Sauter Tooling. _ verything from one single E The name Sauter is synonymous with quality the world over and Sauter source – Sauter tool turrets tool turrets are the prerequisite for fast, precise production. And, if the and Sauter tooling Tooling interfaces for Sauter tool turrets tooling is also sourced from Sauter, you have made the optimum choice. _ ndividual solutions for every I requirement We know our tool turrets better than anyone else and, in parallel with this, develop perfectly adapted spindle units and tool holders- a lead from which you as the user will...

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The full spectrum from the innovation factory - 11

Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 7 · 72555 Metzingen · Germany Phone +49 7123 926-0 · Fax +49 7123 926-190 Sauter innovation factory: The World turns with us. R71 e 09/2011 · We reserve the right to introduce technical modifications and product design changes without notice ·

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