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SOFTWARE PLATFORM FOR ALL OPTICAL SURFACES Today’s highly precise optical components require multiple software-supported manufacturing, measuring and correction steps, especially when it comes to complex shapes. In order to streamline and simplify the production process, Satisloh ProACT gathers all software-related manufacturing tasks into one platform. Instead of using several software programs with individual user interfaces, operators can perform all grinding and polishing correction tasks in one software environment, saving time and training efforts and thus reducing cost. Satisloh...

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ProACT user interface with job overview FFC error histogram, useful for filtering measuring peaks ProACT MODULES ADAPT (Advanced Deterministic Adaptive Polishing Technology) improves the precision and quality of aspheres and freeform surfaces with deterministic pre- and corrective polishing. The software calculates feed-rate optimized tool-paths based on lens shape (for example spiral/double spiral mode for aspheres and spiral, raster or meander mode for freeform shapes), tool geometry, process parameters, and measurement data from external devices. FFC (Freeform Correction) prepares...

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ADAPT Advanced: local corrective asphere polishing ADAPT measurement file TECHNICAL INFORMATION Software Requirements: • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, 64 bit (version 1909 or newer) • Machine software: Satisloh BaSyS, version or newer Minimum Hardware Recommended hardware: Requirements: • Processors: 1-GHz proces• Processors: 3.0-GHz processor with 64 bit (x64) sor (or faster), 8 cores (or • Main memory (RAM): 2 GB more), 64 bit (x64) • Permanent storage: min. 25 • Main memory (RAM): 32 GB MB memory available* or more • Graphics: min. 1024 x 768 pixels Note: The...

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