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Manufacturing Execution System MES-360 CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT SOFTWARE FOR THE ENTIRE LAB Optical Manufacturing Solutions.

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THE SYSTEM FOR SMART OPTICAL MANUFACTURING Our MES-360 manufacturing execution system provides real-time data for all machines and production processes to optimize productivity and increase competitiveness for every lab. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) MES systems track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for manufacturers. They collect and report realtime data to help optimize plant floor conditions and improve production quality and output. Cooperation between Satisloh and best-in-class partners brings the power of smart manufacturing to the optical...

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MES-360 MM machine productivity report Maintenance actions per machine displayed on Maintenance Scheduler App MES-360 has four modules that monitors machines, tracks breakage and coating batches, and intelligently routes jobs to maximize production efficiency based on real-time data. Use the modules that best fit your lab’s needs. Module Features • Collects machine status data • Productivity reports with machine utilization details (time producing versus waiting for jobs versus maintenance and other down time) and number of lenses produced • Tracks: - cycle times - errors for each machine -...

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MES-360 BT machine breakage tracking report MES-360 CR conveyor decision point dashboard Features • Tracks breakage by - job - machine - Rx range - lens material • Tracks how tool age impacts breakage • Email/SMS alerts when breakage occurs • Interfaces with inspection equipment and cosmetic inspection stations with Manual Inspection App (optional) Benefits • Effectively troubleshoots quality issues – tracking problems back to specific machines, lens materials, or Rx’s • React faster to breakage issues with alerts • Better yields and lower costs Optional Add-on App for MES-360 BT Module...

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MES-360 CB job tracking through AR coating CB Coating Batch Tracking Features • Batch building of jobs based on customizable sorting criteria • Unique batch ID ensures complete tracking through AR coating • Tracks breakage per batch and per machine • Error logs, process logs, and maintenance logs for coating machines • Tracks job-related coating data • Graphical lab dashboard shows real-time machine status • E-mail/SMS alerts Optional Add-on Apps for MES-360 CB Module Express AR: Tracks Express AR jobs and optimizes loading for automated sectoring and de-sectoring Benefits • Full...

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Various MES-360 data can be viewed on a variety of devices in the lab or off-site via remote monitoring. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Server requirements: • Physical or virtual server • Min. 2.5 GHz, 8 core CPU • Min. 16 GB RAM • Min. 500 GB free space on hard drive • Min. 1 Gbit network • Windows server 2012 • 32/64 bit • Cloud server available Client requirements: • PC, ThinClient, TabletPC with WIN OS • Min. 2 GHz dual-core CPU • Min. 4 GB RAM • MS WIN 7/8/10 32/64 bit © Satisloh / KH / February 2020 Subject to technical changes CONTACT Satisloh AG Neuhofstrasse 12 CH - 6340 Baar Switzerland...

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