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CUSTOMIZED AUTOMATION SMART SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY LAB In today’s competitive and increasingly globalized business environment, efficient automation solutions are assets that improve delivery times and decrease manufacturing costs. Automation experience Satisloh leads the optical industry in automation – installing more than 500 conveyors in the last ten years. Using this experience we provide ideal solutions for both smaller labs just entering automation, as well as large labs that already run automated production lines but are expanding automation further or are reconfiguring existing layouts...

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Lines and by-pass configuration Loops and by-pass configuration YOUR LAB IS UNIQUE AND SO IS OUR INTEGRATED SMART CONVEYOR Whether your lab´s challenge is high throughput, short turnaround times or both, Satisloh’s unique Integrated Smart Conveyor fulfills your needs, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. Its combination of standardized and highly configurable elements provides a cost effective and personalized solution for your lab. Layout Configuration Choices Every imaginable layout is possible from in-line and loop bypass systems to the most elaborate layouts for high volume...

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MES-360 CR Conveyor Routing - Set-up screen MES-360 CR Conveyor Routing - Conveyor Control Center ROUTING SOFTWARE OPTIONS AND FEATURES Intermediate Level Advanced Level EASY Routing based on Machine & Process capability Entry Level BASIC Routing based on Path availability Features System parameters Path priorities Process driven rules Statistical process parameters Machine load balancing Machine capability Machine availability Maintenance status Switching machines ON/OFF Cool time monitoring Conveyor ON/OFF Alerts and errors MONITORING display conveyor conditions BASIC Routing WORKFLOW...

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Visualize your lab before it exists, working together with our lab consulting experts. BUILDING ON YOUR SUCCESS Best concept - Helping you define the best layout for your lab, identifying the ideal footprint and performance. ROI/Payback Often generates a two-year payback Increased utilization - Up to 20% more load compared to standard automation systems. Up to 95% machine capacity utilization rate attainable. Customer satisfaction - Great user experience and agile systems scalable to your business evolution. WORKING TOGETHER TO AUTOMATE YOUR LAB 1. CONSULT IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS VISUALIZE...

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Drag-and-drop software makes it easy to create customized conveyor layouts. STANDARDIZED ELEMENTS Full line of standardized, configurable elements includes: Machine conveyor elements Over-under loop systems Divert / Merge elements Tandem transfer elements Kickoff elements Swing gates © Satisloh / KH / February 2020 Subject to technical changes North America Europe Asia Latin America Phone: Email: Phone: Email: Phone: Email: Phone: Email:

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