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HARD COATING Coating expert Satisloh provides complete hard coating solutions to meet the needs of any production environment. To achieve the best results in scratch-resistance, Satisloh has a variety of high-tech equipment with matching consumables and processes available, allowing each lab to design their individual solution. Machines with different capabilities provide the perfect match for each application: dip- or spin-coating; on or off the block; manual or automated. Choosing the right hard coating is key for the best AR coating performance. Satisloh provides the perfect matching...

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Spin Coating is the right choice for labs that want less complex production and a low investment with the highest process speed and the option to fully automate their hard coating process. Using the new solvent based, non tintable chemistry available for the Magna-Spin series, labs can achieve extremely high scratch-resistance previously not possible with spin coating technology. • Magna-Spin-Auto ideally complements Satisloh's automated ART-line, while Magna-Spin is a great match for low to mid volume production. • Easy to handle: one piece flow, no lens batching required • Maintenance...

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Dip coating is the right choice for labs that need to coat both sides of uncoated lenses and expect maximum scratch resistance and uniform performance on front and back. It is the most economical solution for high volume labs that are able to coat in batches. • 7 step cleaning system featuring surface etching, ultra- • Pre-curing stages with ceramic IR, electronic regulation sonic DI water rinsing, slow lift out and drying station and automatic covers for uniform drying • Automatic operation for highest yield; no moving parts • Step-by-step motor and lead screw dipping system for pre- over...

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