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Sterisart® Sterility Testing Redefining Standards

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Your benefits are all in the details: Small innovations with great effects

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 1 Double safety for you and your sample: Sterisart® Septum for aseptic sampling and supplementation A critical step in sterility testing is sampling from or supple menting the media in a canister. You usually do this by piercing a tube. This conventional method is complicated, involves the hazard of injury and increases the risk of falsepositive results. This is also a destructive method that precludes the possibility of re-incubating the canisters. There is a better and safer way: septum closures. The septum technology of our Sterisart® units has been purpose-built to draw samples for...

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fear of foaming: Anti-foaming inlet and venting filter with safety clearance An air filter is essential for sterile venting. But if it comes in contact with the culture medium, it can easily become clogged. At the same time, it can pose a risk to your sample as a result of microbial growth. That’s why we designed it with a safety clearance of 1 inch, or over 2½ icm, to effectively protect the filter from coming in contact with culture medium, even if foaming or the slightest vibration occurs. a better grip: Large, pre-installed filter caps Working with isolator gloves is a challenge because...

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peace of mind knowing you can‘t go wrong: Two different color-coded tube clamps for clear identification Making responsible decisions in final quality control for release of safe products can be highly stressful because every step has consequences – especially when you cannot tell one canister apart from the other. You can readily confuse these in busy-day routines. The two different color-coded clamps on Sterisart® tubing eliminate the risk of confusion, making it easy for you to identify and fill the canisters with the correct media. Now you can work confidently without worrying about...

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