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Product Datasheet Speedcal Mobile Fast Calibration of Multi-Channel Pipettes Product Information The Speedcal Mobile system was developed to meet the specific requirements for calibrating multi-channel pipettes. Its innovative design and sophisticated technology simplify the entire calibration process. Parallel connection of up to 12 balances, which simultaneously determine the dispensed volumes from a multi-channel pipette, make Speedcal Mobile the fastest and most effective system on the market for this task. The integrated Web Service interface enables Speedcal Mobile to be connected to all pipette calibration software. Speedcal Mobile is suitable for long-term use in laboratories and, thanks to its practical carrying case, also for use in mobile service on site. Benefits Testing twelve channels as per DIN EN ISO 8655 10.3 within approximately 10 minutes saves time Unique system, available with either 4, 8, or 12 channels, with the option of subsequently adding up to 12 channels Conforms to all national (ISO17025) and international (ISO8655) regulations

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Technical Specifications Overview of the Sartorius Multi-Channel Pipette Calibration System Model Sartorius weigh cells Weighing capacity Taring range Repeatability | Standard deviation Stabilization time Sensitivity to temperature drift Weighing module dimensions Weight of weighing module E-box dimensions E-box weight Case transport weight Case transport dimensions Pallet transport weight Pallet transport dimensions Germany Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Brenner-Straße 20 37079 Göttingen Phone +49 551 308 0 For further information, visit Specifications subject to change...

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