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Product Datasheet Sartocheck 4 plus Filter tester ® Quality Assurance at the Highest Level Product Information The industry leading Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester is the result of Sartorius’ 30 years experience in developing automatic filter integrity testers. Valuable productivity-enhancing features and robust build quality have been combined with incredible ease of use to make the Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester the only logical choice for integrity testing. The Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester has achieved the highest reliability of the test results. Specific parameters can be set for each individual program in order to detect operator mistakes, thereby eliminating false pass test results: Automatic detection of out-of-tolerance net volume (min & max) Automatic detection of improper test setup (e.g. closed downstream valve) Automatic detection of unstable thermal conditions The Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester also eliminates operator handling errors: Barcode scanner for easy and reliable data entry (optional) Intelligent selection of test program after scanning 1D or 2D bar c

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The Sartocheck® 4 plus Filter tester also provides the following combination of benefits: Large, color touch screen display combined with keypad Automated cleaning function eliminates expensive service calls Multitasking menu Electronic test reports in PDF format Dot matrix printer (no thermo paper for longer print preservation) SD card reader for easy test program proliferation to other Sartocheck® testers Profibus communication (interface as accessory) World class documentation, training, applications, and service support Fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 Developed in accordance with...

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Technical Specifications Measuring Accuracy Specifications Power requirements Measuring Ranges Pressure drop Volume determination Water intrusion Bubble point Communication Ports Test pressure Pressure drop With int. reference vessel With ext. reference vessel System inlet volume binary signals, 12 pins Language Options English French German Italian Spanish Operating Conditions Ambient temperature Touch Screen Size A B A: External sensor B: External valves 1: Ext. reference tank 2: Venting 1 3: Out 4: Venting 2 5: ompressed Air in C 1: Main switch 2: SD card reader 3: Serial port, TU 4: PLC...

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Ordering Information Equipment Supplied Description Order Number Serial port interface cable TU|TU Sartocheck 4 plus Filter tester Inlet tubing for compressed gas Outlet tubing Ribbon cassette Network cable Rolls of printer paper Test certificate Calibration certificate Installation and operating instructions Validation package for filter tester Power cord Pressure tank for cleaning External reference vessel (10 L) Profibus interface Validation packages Order Number Barcode scanner Filter tester, MultiUnit External pressure transducer Set for external venting (1 valve) Valve set for...

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