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Practum® - 1

;sartorius Practum® turning science

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Practum® - 2

Practum® . Start Weighing Right.

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Practum® - 3

Get best value for your money, without compromises in precision and reliability. Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability ensured by Sartorius quality and technology developed and designed in Germany.

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Practum® - 4

Practical and Sturdy Draft Shield The sturdy draft shield will stand up to the daily use even by inexperienced operators. Moreover, it can be completely disassembled to conveniently clean the glass parts in a dishwasher. Rugged Weigh Cell for Reliable Results – Every Time, All the Time High-resolution, overload protected weigh cells, made in Germany, ensure durable and reliable performance of the Practum®. Hassle-Free Below-Balance Weighing of Oversize Containers Extra-large volumes or magnetic substances are easy to weigh accurately using the easily accessible weighing p

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Practum® - 5

Supervisor Lock This practical feature enables teachers and professors to lock the menu. As a result, students will concentrate on learning. USB Port and Data Transfer to Microsoft® Excel for Perfect Records The USB port automatically detects when a Sartorius laboratory printer is connected to the Practum®. This interface also enables you to transfer your weighing data directly into a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, without the need for additional software. Changes Readily Documented by Interval-Controlled Printout of Weights The Practum® will document weights automatically and reliably, such...

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Practum® - 6

You can't go wrong with the new Practum®: a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practum® has everything you need for standard applications. So you pay only for what you really need. Weighing You name it, Practum® will weigh it - from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the analytical range, and from entire chunks of solids to the finest quantities of pastes, powders and liquids, Practum® provides incomparable weighing reliability. Checkweighing Practum® is ideal when you need to check whether different objects, such as packaged units, are within a specific...

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Practum® - 8

Technical Data Practum" Model Weighing capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Typical stabilization time Weighing pan size Weighing chamber height Net weight, approx. Dimensions D x W x H Data interface mini USB - Automatic recognition of Sartorius printer models YDP40 and YDP20-0CE - Direct data transfer to Microsoft" application programs without any additional software - Programmable interval for data output - Choice of SBI, table format or text format data transfer protocols Supervisor lock Menu lock to prevent unintended manipulation Housing and draft shield Robust and easy to...

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