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Pipetting simplified The Picus® family pipettes, Picus® and Picus® NxT, with Sartorius pipette tips are the new standard for lab professionals. The Picus family pipettes are kind to your hand with unbeatable ergonomic design that ensures reliable and repeatable experiment results. Picus is the right tool for everybody from intern to lab expert, being as easy to start with as a mechanical pipette and offering options for even the most advanced user. Picus saves you time in the lab with pipetting modes and customizable programs for every need. The pipette is easy to get comfortable with and...

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Ergonomic Award Winning Design Large easy-to-read display All information of your active pipetting step available at a glance. Soft Keys for Programming and a Hotkey Fast and easy access to up to 10 of your most used pipetting settings by saving them with hotkey. Electronic Tip Ejection Protects you and your hand from Work-Related Upper Limb Disorder by removing the tips effortlessly with an electronic system. Adjustment Wheel Offers extremely fast volume setting and easy menu navigation. Enables ergonomic one-handed operation. Accurately control manual pipetting and titrating speed with...

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Reliable Pipetting Microwell Plate Tracker Never lose track of the next well on a 96 or 384 well plates with the unique well plate tracker functionality that improves work efficiency and reliability of your results. Tracker is an optional feature used in conjunction with the Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting and Multi Dispensing modes. Advanced precision with sophisticated piston control Achieve low dispensing variation with Sartorius pipette tips especially in serial dispensing with the optical sensor and the electronic brake precisely controlling the piston movement. Optiload for Perfect Tip...

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Picus® NxT: Regulatory compliance Speed Up Your Work Many workflows are designed to use multiple different pipetting modes for optimal results. The Picus® NxT pipette allows you to simplify your workflow by allowing you to create three custom pipetting protocols with up to 10 steps each. This reduces errors, speeds up the work and lets you to focus on pipetting by eliminating the need to change modes and volume settings back and forth in the midst of the workflow. 3-Point Calibration Certificate It is essential to have pipettes calibrated in compliance with ISO 17025 for all laboratories...

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Choosing between Picus® and Picus® NxT Picus is the choice when you want to upgrade your pipetting and leave the variables of manual pipetting behind and pipette with the touch of a button. When you wish to optimize your workflow and regulatory compliance, select Picus® NxT and take advantage of the user programmable protocols and safety features. In the table below the pipette functions are introduced with Picus® NxT specific ones highlighted in yellow. Pipetting Modes Advanced Functions (ADV)* Plate Tracker Excess Volume Adjustment Fast Dispensing Repeated Blow-out Pipetting Reverse...

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Ordering Information: Picus® and Picus® NxT Picus® NxT Order Codes Picus® Order Codes Channels Volume Range (µl) Safe-Cone Standard Filters Plus Optifit Tips* (µl) SafetySpace Filter Tips* (µl) LH-745021 * Low Retention Tips are available in volumes up to 1,200 µl. All pipettes are supplied with a universal charger (EU, UK, US, JPN, KOR, AUS, and CHN plugs). Sales and Service Contacts For further contacts, visit sartorius.com Germany Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Brenner-Strasse 11 37079 Goettingen Phone +49 551 308 0 Finland & Baltics Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy...

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