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Midi Plus Ergonomic Large-Volume Pipetting

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Easy and Ergonomic Pipetting of Large Volumes from Bottles or Tubes Ergonomic design protects you from RSI Midi Plus is a light-weight electronic pipette controller, which allows easy aspiration from bottles and tubes. Its ergonomic design helps to minimize arm and hand raises that are often required while using serological or volumetric pipettes. In addition the electronic operation of Midi Plus reduces the needed finger force compared to a pipette filler with a squeezable bulb. These qualities ease the workload in long periods of pipetting and protect you from Repetitive Strain Injury...

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Stepless speed control for accurate dispensing Aspiration and dispensing speeds can easily be controlled by using the adjustment wheel or by adjusting finger pressure on the operating buttons. The speed can be selected according to your application and pipette volume. Possibility to dispense by the force of gravity for slow, drop-by-drop dispensing. Just by applying a very small force on the dispensing button. Ordering Information and Accessories Order Code Midi Plus Replacement filter, 0.45 µm, non-sterile, autoclavable Replacement filter, 0.2 µm, pre-sterilized Adapter set (standard)...

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