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MA160 Moisture Analyzer Manages Your Sophisticated Tasks

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Fast, Precise and Easy Moisture Analysis To be able to perform fast and accurate analysis on the widest variety of product samples, you need a reliable instrument that gives you maximum flexibility. The MA160 uses the thermogravimetric method to determine the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids – conveniently, reliably and in minimum time. It delivers outstandingly fast, absolutely reproducible results and features an intuitive Method Development Assistant that enables you to develop new methods in just three easy steps. The MA160 gives you the functions you need for professional...

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Features High memory capacity MA160 features a high memory capacity, letting you store up to 100 different methods and efficiently manage them in a library. In addition, the results of the last 999 measurements are automatically saved in the data memory, ensuring traceable GMP-compliant documentation at any time. High-speed measurements Both the high-performance AURI heating unit and the sample chamber’s geometry ensure rapid heating and fast uniform drying of your sample with up to 30% quicker analysis time. M (%) MA160 Other Fast and precise development of methods The MA160‘s Method...

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Display of the measurement status The light indicates the current status of a measurement in progress: “running | START,“ “analysis completed | STOP,“ “analyzer OFF” or “error.“ Reliable performance testing A ReproEasy Pad in combination with the built-in performance test lets you check the functionality of the entire MA160 moisture analyzer within just 5 minutes. This test guarantees reliable results, saving you from going to the trouble of performing extensive temperature adjustment. Compatibility with Sartorius MA150 The downward compatibility of the analyzer lets you readily use MA150...

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Technical Specifications Max. weighing capacity Reproducibility, typical Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 1 g: ± 0.2% Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 5 g: ± 0.05% Typical sample quantity Display modes for results Moisture content in % M and % g Dry weight in % S and g ATRO (ratio) in % M | S Temperature range and settings 40°C – 200°C, in increments of 1°C Standby temperature selectable from 50°C – 120°C Sample heating Infrared heating using an AURI heating unit, 600 W Heating programs Standard drying, gentle drying, MA35 mode Shutoff parameter Fully...

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Disposable sample pans Accessories 6965542 Disposable sample pans, 80 units, aluminum, ∅ 90 mm Glass fiber pads for analysis of pasty and fatty samples, hard quality; 80 units; ∅ 90 mm Glass fiber pads for analysis of liquid and fatty samples, soft quality; 200 units; ∅ 90 mm ReproEasy pads, 10 units for perfomance testing to check the functionality of the analyzer’s heating unit and weighing system External calibration weight, 100 g (E2) with DAkkS calibration certificate* Standard laboratory printer Premium GLP laboratory printer Adapter cable for connecting the YDP20-OCE printer Data...

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