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Laboratory Filtration Products Filtration and ultrafiltration are essential process steps in nearly all environmental, chemistry and bioscientific laboratory applications. Sartorius supplies a wide range of individual filter papers, microporous membranes, filtration devices, ultrafiltration units and protein purification devices to suit these applications. This catalog provides a condensed overview of the Sartorius Lab Filtration product range. Please contact us directly for specialty catalogs – available for in-depth ­ echnical information. t Table of Contents Ultrafiltration   9 Protein...

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Ultrafiltration Table of Contents Protein Concentration   8 Vivaspin® 500   9 Vivaspin® 2 11 Centrisart® I 12 Vivaspin® Turbo 4 13 Vivaspin® 6 14 Vivaspin® 15R 15 Vivaspin® Turbo 15 16 Vivaspin® 20 18 Vivaclear Centrifugal Filters 19 Vivacell 70 22 Vivacell 100 24 Vivacell 250 26 Vivaflow® 50 28 Vivaflow® 50R 30 Vivaflow® 200 32 Vivapore® Solvent Absorption Concentrators 34 Ultrafiltration Membrane Filters DNA Concentration 37 Vivacon® 500 40 Vivacon® 2 Endotoxin Concentration 43 Vivaspin® Endotest Protein Purification 45 Vivapure® Ion Exchange Protein Purification Products 47 Vivapure®...

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Ultrafiltration is a convective process using anisotropic semi-permeable membranes to separate macromolecular species and solvents – primarily on the basis of size. By allowing solvents and salts to pass the ultrafiltration membrane while macromolecules are hindered to pass it, they are being concentrated. However, ultrafiltration can also be applied in solvent exchange applications. Multiple concentration and refilling steps will progressively lead to a buffer exchange, replacing lengthy techniques like d ­ ialysis. Although ultrafiltration is not a standard method for separating and...

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p ­ roviding process times that are typically 30 to 50 percent faster than c ­ entrifugation. You can use Vivaspin® 20 and Vivacell® 70 for pressure-­ fugation (5 to 50 ml starting volumes). – Crossflow (Tangential Flow) (100 ml to 5l Starting Volumes) The sample is pumped across an ultrafiltration membrane and then returned to the original reservoir by building up pressure at the outlet of the device. The solution is progressively concentrated as solvent and micro-molecules pass through the membrane into a separate filtrate vessel. Reusable Vivaflow® 50R and Vivaflow® 200, as well as...

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Protein Concentration Vivaspin® 500 100 µl to 500 µl Samples Vivaspin® 500 µl centrifugal filter units offer a simple, one-step procedure for sample preparation. They can effectively be used in fixed-angle rotors accepting 2.2 ml ­centrifuge tubes. The patented vertical membrane design and thin channel filtration chamber (US 5,647,990) minimizes membrane fouling and provides high-speed c ­ oncentrations – even with particle-laden solutions. Specifications Vivaspin® 500 Concentrator capacity Dimensions Swing-bucket rotor Fixed-angle rotor Total length Width Active membrane area Hold-up...

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Laboratory Filtration Products - 9

Protein Concentration Vivaspin® 2 Choice of Membranes 0.4 ml to 2 ml Samples The Vivaspin® 2 bridges the gap between the 500 µl and 4 ml centrifugal c ­ oncentrators. This device combines the speed of the classic Vivaspin® products with low internal surface and membrane area for superior recoveries from very dilute solutions. Also unique to the Vivaspin® 2 is the choice of directly pipetting the concentrate from the dead-stop pocket built into the bottom of the concentrator or alternatively reverse spinning into the concentrate recovery cap, which can then be sealed for storage. Both...

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Integral deadstop avoids risk of concentrating to dryness PES, CTA, or Hydrosart® m ­ embranes; Filtrate container fits standard 15 ml tube ­carriers Direct pipette recovery or choice of reverse spinning concentrate into sample cap Filtrate and concentrate can be sealed for storage Protein Concentration Vivaspin® 2 Cellulose Triacetate 5,000 MWCO 5,000 MWCO 10,000 MWCO 10,000 MWCO 20,000 MWCO 20,000 MWCO Vivaspin® 2 Hydrosart® 2,000 MWCO 2,000 MWCO 5,000 MWCO 5,000 MWCO 10,000 MWCO 10,000 MWCO 30,000 MWCO 30,000 MWCO Ordering Tips – hoose a membrane pore size at least 50% smaller than the...

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Laboratory Filtration Products - 11

Protein Concentration Centrisart® I Centrisart® I* is a ready-to-use unit for small-volume, centrifugal ultrafiltration to separate proteins from low molecular weight substances in biological samples. ® Centrisart I features a unique design that enables ultrafiltration in the direction opposite to centrifugal force. This is so effective in preventing premature blockage of the filter that even whole blood samples can be deproteinized. The ultrafiltrate is collected in the floater insert tube, where it is readily accessible without removing the tube. Centrisart® I is ideal for the following...

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Laboratory Filtration Products - 12

Protein Concentration Vivaspin® Turbo 4 2 ml to 4 ml Samples Vivaspin® Turbo 4 is the newest member of the ultrafiltration family and allows the fastest sample concentration with the highest recoveries. This device can handle up to 4 ml sample volumes in swing-bucket rotors and in fixed-angle rotors that accept 15 ml centrifuge tubes. 17 The Vivaspin® Turbo 4 optimized design and sleek internal profile ensure maximum process speeds all the way down to the last few microliters, resulting in more than 100-fold concentration. The UV joining technology ensures smooth joint transition between...

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Protein Concentration Vivaspin® 6 2 ml to 6 ml Samples Vivaspin® 6 ml concentrators have been developed to offer increased volume flexibility and performance. Vivaspin® 6 can process an impressive 6 ml in either swing-bucket or fixed-angle rotors accepting standard 15 ml conical bottom test tubes. Concentrator capacity 10 5 Dimensions The Vivaspin® 6 features twin vertical membranes for unparalleled filtration speeds and 100 + plus concentrations. The remaining volume is easy to read off the printed scale on the side of the c ­ oncentrator and the modified dead-stop pocket further...

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