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sartorius Cubis® MCM10K3 Manual Mass Comparator User Benefits - Complete mass standard laboratory in a single unit - Integrated climate sensors for recording all data relevant for determining measurement uncertainty - Integrated workflow control for efficient and error-free mass comparison - Fast measurement cycles according to the ABA, ABBA or ABv..BnA method - Cubis® MSA color touch screen for fast and simple configuration of parameters and workflows - Sensor-equipped climate module integrated into the draft shield for recording the temperature, humidity and air pressure - Integrated calibration workflows for ABA, ABBA, AB1..BnA cycles to ensure efficient, error-free mass comparison - Fully integrated function for determining the measurement uncertainty in accordance with OIML and ASTM recommendations - Filters for optimal adaptation of the mass comparator to ambient conditions - Monolithic weighing technology - For display and evaluation, complete electronics and power supply separated from the weighing system to prevent heat from affecting the results - All MCM mass comparators featuring eccentric (off-center) load compensation for easy loading of weights without automatic centering - Additional applications for density determination, statistics and individual identifiers are integrated as standard programs - Built-in SD card slot for storage and transfer of all data and settings - Graphical level indicator for interactive user guidance during levelling - Easy logging of reference weight data - Continuous weighing range display: any weight between 0 g and the maximum capacity can be displayed - USB, RS-232C and Ethernet interface ports to integrate the mass comparator into networks or to enable it to communicate with external software via third-party protocols, standardized communication protocols or Web services

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Metrological Specifications Electronic weighing range 11 kg and tare range Linearity 6 mg Eccentric load deviation 0.5 mg | mm Cycle time, ABBA in s 90 s Basic Equipment Interfaces RS232C | USB | LAN Application programs Basic weighing, mass unit conversion, individual identifiers, density determination, statistics Below-comparator weighing h port Air temperature sensor h Weighing pan dimensions (W x D) Sample size (D x H) Weigh cell (W x D x H) Electronic unit (W x D x H) Net weight Gross weight Number of packages Optimal height for setup Applications OIML R111, class E1 10 kg ASTM E617,...

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Optional Accessories External calibration weight 10 kg | E2 YCW712-00 Climate module, uncalibrated, YCM20MC for all MCM models Calibration of a YCM20MC climate module YCM20DAkkS with DAkkS calibration certificate Climate module with DAkkS calibration YCM20MC-DAkkS certificate for all MCM models Tower for climate module, for connection to YCM20MC-Tower MCM high-capacity models, including cable Optional draft shield YDS24C The standard deviation "s" is the repeatability calculated from 5 ABA cycles under the following conditions: 1) Optimal conditions: automatic measurement without operator...

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For further contacts, visit Europe Germany Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Weender Landstrasse 94-108 37075 Goettingen Phone +49.551.308.0 Fax +49.551.308.3289 France ft Suisse Romande Sartorius France 2, rue Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier ZA de la Gaudree 91410 Dourdan Phone + Fax + Austria Sartorius Austria GmbH Franzosengraben 12 1030 Vienna Phone +43.1.7965760.0 Fax +43.1.7965760.24 Belgium Sartorius Belgium N.V. Leuvensesteenweg, 248/B 1800 Vilvoorde Phone +32.2.756.06.71 Fax + Finland ft Baltics Sartorius Biohit...

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