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How to Achieve Optimal Weighing Performance with Cubis® II High-resolution Balances

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How to Achieve Optimal Weighing Performance Scientists in R&D or analytical laboratories need the most reliable lab weighing results. The Cubis® II platform from Sartorius provides a completely configurable, highperformance portfolio of both lab weighing hardware and software to meet the customers expectation on the highest level. The Cubis® II modularity allows to choose from a range of 45 different weighing modules that fit your preferences. This portfolio also includes balances with very high-resolution, e.g. ultramicro, microbalances, semi-micro and analytical balances. These highly...

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1. Choose a Stable Weighing Table in a Quiet Place to Set Up Your Balance. 4. Do not position the table in the middle of the room, but near a wall or, even better, in the corner of a room, as this is where the vibration amplitudes are generally at their lowest. 1. The table should be solid-built and, whenever possible, be made of stone or synthetic stone. 2. Avoid causing the tabletop to sag or deflect even slightly; for example, never use it to prop up your arm. 3. Set up the balance in a vibration-free location. Ensure that there are no machines or engines that generate vibrations or...

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2. Work in the Lab under Consistently Constant Climate Conditions. 1. Avoid significant temperature changes or spikes. 2. Keep the relative humidity as constant as possible. Prevent the relative humidity from dropping below 40%, as this will significantly increase interference by static electricity. 3. Use the Cubis® II climate sensor option (temperature, baro metric pressure and relative humidity) to monitor climate conditions. 4. Use the Cubis® II ionizer option to eliminate electrostatic influences. Electrostatic charges on glass vessels dissipate only very slowly, particularly when...

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3. Ensure That the Balance Is Leveled and Calibrated. 3. The Cubis® II Status Center shows all information about your balance and environmental conditions, e.g. calibration, leveling, temperature, humidity, air pressure and service, centralized in a dashboard. In case of warnings or errors, you get detailed help and support. 1. All Cubis® II balances will support you in using the calibration | adjustment function isoCAL, and the Q-Level function implemented in the balance for leveling continuously maintains the accuracy of the weighing results within a narrow tolerance range. 2. Moreover,...

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4. During the Measuring Sequence, Ensure That … 3. Avoid placing your hand inside the draft shield to ensure that no unnecessary interchange of air outside and inside the draft shield takes place and that no heat is transferred into the draft shield. 1. … the vessels used are acclimatized next to your balance; i.e., have adapted to the temperature conditions in the same room. 2. … you do not touch the container with your hands when positioning it on the weighing pan or in a sample holder. Touching the sample vessel with your hand usually increases the temperature of the vessel. Buoyancy and...

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6. Avoid the complete interchange of air when opening the draft shield by opening only one door, where possible. Optimal to use the draft shield learning capability to open the door only as far as actually necessary. 8. Do not lean on or against the weighing table or rest your arm on it during the weighing procedure. 7. Carefully place the tare container on the weighing pan or in the sample holder. Avoid applying any excessive force. Germany Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Brenner-Strasse 20 37079 Goettingen Phone +49 551 308 0 F or further contacts, visit

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