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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 1

Arium® Water Purification Systems

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 2

Arium® Laboratory-grade Water Purification Systems   with Added Value For more information, please visit lab-water-systems Our Arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems inspire with their application-oriented operating designs. They enable you to perform your workflows faster and more reliably, make your daily lab work easier and ensure long-term economical operation. All instruments offer the ultimate flexibility, since they can be perfectly integrated into your laboratory environment and adapted to your requirements. A choice of...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 3

Innovative Arium® Bagtank System for Time Savings and User Safety Pure water is stored in the closed Arium® Bagtank system, which reliably protects purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures consistently high water quality and, therefore, reproducible results. Unlike conventional tank systems, Arium® Bagtank technology saves time because the bag can be replaced in less than 5 minutes. At the same time, it increases your users’ safety because the bagtank eliminates time-consuming cleaning procedures with hazardous chemicals. The rollers on the Arium® Bagtank let you move it...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 4

More Flexibility Benchtop Unit The different modules of Arium® systems offer the perfect solution for every task in the laboratory. The display is positioned at eye level. You can set up the dispensing location exactly where you need it. Depending on your given space requirements, the system can be integrated as desired at any location within the laboratory. Remote Dispenser with Wall-mounting Plate Space-saving, compact design; water is dispensed directly at the display level. This ergonomically designed and easy-to-use remote dispenser is simply mounted on a wall to save space. It is...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 5

Exactly the Right System – Always A selection of more than 70 different varieties offers tailor-made solutions without any compromises for all applications. Arium® Comfort Series Combined pure and ultrapure water systems Features iJust Optimized purified water quality and water usage; extends the life of downstream ultrapure water systems Arium® Bagtank System Reliable protection against secondary contamination; easy change-out of the Arium® Bag saves time; protects users as it eliminates the need for hazardous cleaning chemicals Display with Touch-activated Functions Clearly organized user...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 6

Arium® Comfort Series The Arium® Comfort lab water systems combine pretreatment and final treatment technologies into one device. Featuring a compact design, they provide ultrapure and pure water of the highest quality. The pure water produced is kept in a closed Arium® Bagtank. This guarantees optimal storage of the purified water and protects against secondary contamination. The replaceable bag eliminates time-consuming tank cleaning intervals. The optional UV lamp (185 | 254 nm) built into the ultrapure water loop reduces the TOC content to a minimum. The current TOC value is...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 7

Arium® Pro Series The Arium® Pro ultrapure water systems provide the ultimate flexibility and an excellent cost-benefit ratio because their -device configurations are specially tailored to your applications. All systems meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards and ensure the best reproducible results. Up to 2 L/min of ultrapure water with a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm ( 18.2 MΩ * cm ) can be dispensed in consistently high quality. Reliable TOC content ≤ 2 ppb for reproducible results; current TOC readings can be read directly on the display Complete range Five systems...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 8

Arium Pro Series Arium® Pro The Arium® Pro is a particularly cost-effective system. It focuses on the most important functions and produces ultrapure water in uncompromising quality. In Arium® Pro UF, the Biological Kit cartridges reliably remove organic and inorganic components. The system’s integrated ultrafilter module ensures that the purified water does not contain any endotoxins, RNA | DNA or DNases and RNases. Water Quality Conductivity1: 0.055 µS/cm (  18.2 MΩ * cm) TOC content3: < 5 ppb Bacteria²: < 0.01 CFU/mL Particles2: No particles > 0.22 μm The Arium® Pro DI delivers ultrapure...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 9

Arium® Advance Series The Arium® Advance EDI and Arium® Advance RO systems achieve the highest retention rates of ions with an optimal water yield and reliably remove oxidants, heavy metal ions and particles from the feed water. Easy Glass display with touchactivated functions and intuitive menu navigation The built-in iJust function also optimizes purified water quality and water usage. Pure water is stored in the innovative, closed Arium® Bagtank system, which protects this water from secondary contamination. The Arium® Advance EDI provides Type 2 pure water in consistently high quality....

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 10

Water Applications Molocular Biology | Lifescience Application Water Quality Type 1 Water Type 2 Water Type 3 Water Lab Water System by Daily Water Consumption Type 1 ultrapure water 40– 100 liter/day Type 2 pure water < 120 liter/day (5 l/h) Type 1 ultrapure water 10 – 40 liter/day Western Blot Endotoxin analysis Production of monoclonal antibodies PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Northern Blot Advanced Advanced RO EDI Lab Water System Quality Nutrient media for cell culture (Mammalia & plant) Analytical Application Type 3 pure water < 200 liter/day (16 l/h) Type 3 pure water < 270...

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Arium® Water Purification Systems - 11

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