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Compact Ultrapure Water Systems for 10 Liters per Day

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Arium® Mini – Innovation for Efficient Research Ultrapure water is the basis for successful analyses. Yet analytical methods are becoming more and more sensitive and thus more susceptible to interference. Consistently high water quality is decisive in ensuring the reproducibility of your results and in preventing time-consuming repeat analyses. You can always rely on the Arium® Mini series of laboratory water systems to consistently deliver the highest water quality. Regardless of the type of feed water you have, use Arium® Mini or Arium® Mini Plus with our unique Bagtank technology or...

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Arium® Mini - 3

Your Arium® Mini Benefits Reliable Delivers consistently high water quality for reliable and reproducible results; optionally available with UV lamp Depending on the model type, with unique Bagtank technology to save you from the hassle of time-consuming tank cleaning Easy to operate using the touch-activated color display; with direct access to all important dispensing options Space-saving footprint with a width of only 28 cm to easily fit in any lab environment

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Arium® Mini - 4

Focused on Your Requirements – Convenient Operation and the Highest Quality Standards Conveniently operate Arium® Mini using the touch-activated color display with self-explanatory icons – even while wearing laboratory gloves. This will not only speed up your workflows, but will also make them more accurate and reliable as a result of active error prevention – your daily lab work will become easier and more efficient. To ensure the best ultrapure water quality and the reliability of your process, we have also implemented the highest quality standards into all functional areas. For example,...

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Arium® Mini - 5

Touch-activated color display with easy-to-clean surface Current filling volume displayed for the bag (Arium® Mini & Mini Plus) Purified water quality and temperature displayed Menu | Home function for settings and cleaning and care programs Manual dispensing Last volume dispensed is saved by the Favorites function Volume-controlled dispensing in 50 mL increments Intuitive menu navigation for total ease of operation Con-guided interface with touch-activated display Displays current measured values and messages Favorites function for repeated dispensing of identical volumes Arium® UV Lamp...

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Arium® Mini - 6

Integrated Bagtank Technology in Arium® Mini and Mini Plus – A Revolution in Laboratory Water Purification As a pioneer and market leader in the manufacture of single-use products for biopharmaceutical production, we have written the next chapter in our success story by implementing our innovative Bagtank technology in laboratory water systems. Originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our single-use bag integrated as a tank system on the side of Arium® Mini and Arium® Mini Plus protects intermediately stored pure water reliably from secondary contamination. The 5-liter bag,...

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Arium® Mini - 7

Intelligent Technology – Systematic Purification to Obtain Ultrapure Water Arium® Bags ensures continuous protection against secondary contamination and therefore the highest water quality at all times. The closed Bagtank system automatically regulates pressure equalization so that no CO2 can penetrate. This additionally prevents contamination by ionic impurities and maintains consistently low conductivity. As an added benefit, you will profit from the especially high cartridge capacity because there is less demand placed on the ion exchangers. Moreover, you can prevent the formation of a...

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Arium® Mini - 8

The Right Arium® Mini Version for Your Daily Applications Feed Water Arium® Mini Arium® Mini Essential Arium® Mini Plus Arium® Mini Arium® Mini Essential Arium® Mini Plus Arium® Mini | Mini Essential | Mini Plus Arium® Mini UV | Mini Essential UV | Mini Plus UV Tap water Pretreated water (RO | DI line) Pretreated water (from supply container) Purified Water Type 1 water Type 3 water General Buffer and media preparation Histology Preparation of reagents, blank samples, etc. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) AAS | GF-AAS (atomic absorption spectrometry) Photometry Arium® Mini | Mini...

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Arium® Mini - 9

Arium® Mini | Mini Essential | Mini Plus Arium® Mini UV | Mini Essential UV | Mini Plus UV Arium® Mini | Mini Essential | Mini Plus combined with Arium® Cellplus Ultrafilter Arium® Mini | Mini Essential | Mini Plus Arium® Mini UV | Mini Essential UV | Mini Plus UV Arium® Mini | Mini Essential | Mini Plus combined with Arium® Cellplus Ultrafilter Analytic SPE (solid phase extraction) IC (ion chromatography) ICP-MS (inductively coupled with plasma mass spectrometry) GS-MS (gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry) HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography LC-MS (liquid...

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Arium® Mini - 10

Sartorius Services We ensure the quality of your results At Sartorius, quality products go hand in hand with professional service. With our wide service offering, we will help guarantee the safe, reliable and optimal performance of your Arium® Mini. Just ask us and we will even cover the entire life cycle of your laboratory water system – from commissioning to equipment qualification to regular maintenance. Together with you, we will ensure the consistently high quality of your laboratory water purification. Services at a glance Installation and commissioning Your advantage: Your system...

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Arium® Mini - 11

Germany Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Brenner-Strasse 20 37079 Goettingen Phone +49 551 308 0 F or further contacts, visit Specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG. Publication No. SL-1542-e Status: 10 | 2020

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